OMG! Blasphemous Flip-Flops Kick-Start IslamoNazi Indignation!

And guess who’s in the news for outlandish outbursts once more?

Yup, Indonesia’s IslamoNazis, who have got so much time on their hands that they’ve turned from soul-searching to sole examination.

Their latest shock/horror revelation is that a part of the pattern on the rubber sole of a popular brand of sandal refers to God Almighty!


FPI Minta Pemerintah Usut Peredaran Sandal Berlafaz Allah


Not in the letters of the alphabet that Indonesians use, of course, which is the same one you and I use, nor even in the old Javanese alphabet, which is still pleasingly used for street signs in Jogja.


  • Hasil gambar untuk javanese jogja language street signs
  • ==========================
  • No, as you can discern if you try really, really hard, the design apparently suggests the Arabic version. 

Just like you see on ISIS flags.


  • Hasil gambar untuk isis flag
  • ————————————

Their spokesman in  West Kalimantan Province, is in grand rant/rave mode, judging from his comments quoted by

  • ………………….

 Kalimantan is the Indonesian name for Borneo


Habib M Iskandar Alkadri wants concrete steps. “This is related to the abuse of Islam.” 
He’s worried  –  these blasphemous flip-flops may not yet be circulating all over the place, so decisive action must be taken“It must be addressed immediately, the flip-flops traced and withdrawn from the market.

Iskandar then waxes very ecumenical, observing that no religion would want an inconvenient atmosphere. All are obliged jointly in maintaining security and stability among religions.
What the heck does that mean? Well, he explains for us. “This is a SARA issue, and this is very sensitive!”

For overseas readers, SARA is the acronym for the phrase used to refer to racial/religious incitement issues, and Iskandar expresses concern at retards who spend their days examining the soles of sandals word by passers-by.

 “We are aware of the educational background of various communities – it is feared things could happen that are not desirable,” he said.


  • anfpi2
  • ———————————
  • Well, an FPI cadre certainly is qualified to discuss things that are not desirable.

Thuggery, bullying, vandalism are their hall-marks, as we have oft recorded here – nor should we forget their leading light, Sobri Lubis, caught on video, urging a rabid rabble to ‘kill, kill, kill‘ innocent members of the Ahmadiyah minority.


  • alubis Sobri Lubis


Alkadri, as far as we know, has never called for the expulsion of Sobri Lubis from the FPI for that outrageous incitement.

But he concludes his exposition of tolerance with this rhetorical flourish.
“Never again let there be abuse like this…we must maintain the comfort and safety of religion,” he said.

But he neglects to give examples of the FPI’s previous input into the comfort and safety of religions, including his own.

So I gladly oblige.

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