Bulgaria Shows The Way! Now For A Candle-Lit Pinko ‘Vigil?’

Bulgaria deserves a rousing cheer!

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  • After last month’s post on their effective response to the crimmigrant invasion of Europe…

Sofia“ Really DOES Mean Wisdom! 

…we now read that their border security forces have taken out an undesirable alien.

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People all over Europe are horrified that the police and armed forces, for which they pay hefty taxes, have been hand-cuffed by spineless politicians.

Instead of facing determined deterrence, illegal primitive ingrates have been cossetted  – after that swine Cameron’s vote-getting rhetoric against the Calais swarm, it turns out he’s now putting them up in hotel accommodation in English villages!

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Guilty Conscience? Home Office Hiding Crimmigrant Costs! 

He’s no more a British patriot than Lord Haw-Haw.

…the group of 48 illegal migrants from Afghanistan was armed and aggressive and refused to obey an order by the Bulgarian border guards to stop and turn back. http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/10/16/afghan-migrant-shot-dead-trying-enter-bulgaria-ministry.html

My only mild criticism of those security forces near the town of Sredets is that they didn’t finish off the other 47 ratbags.


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Arrogant ‘migrant’ swine


  • If the violent scum we’ve shown you in recent months had been confronted with only a handful of troops, armed and trained and given free rein to open fire, then the arrogant leeches would have turned tail and gone back to Turkey.
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That’s where most of them launched their incursions and Erdogan should be held responsible, diplomatic, economic and, if need be, military sanctions the proper response to his hostile activity and fanatical Islamist agenda…


erdogan-cameron Erdogan with Cameron 

“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”     Erdoganfrom WT, March 3rd. 2010


…NOT the shameful bribery package just announced in Brussels by the EUSSR.   Merkel backs multibillion-euro refugee package for Turkey

It’s madness!
Explicit pledges to top up the number of disloyal Turks Erdogan’s 5th Column Roars Islamist Slogans In Europe’s Heart!  already in Europe and speeding up the process towards Cameron’s objective of bringing Ankara’s nasty Islamist regime into EU membership!


So what’s the betting that instead of backing Bulgaria’s robust handling of savages, there’ll be pinko tantrums…




… Amnesty in full cry, candle-lit vigils for the shot swine, condemnation of the admirable men on border duty in the hills along that Balkan frontier.