Guilty Conscience? Home Office Hiding Crimmigrant Costs!



  • When even the BBC seems to disapprove of how British folk are second-rated by Cameron’s Home Office flunkeys in their determination to facilitate crimmigrant colonisation, things are REALLY bad.
  • In one little village not far from Heathrow Airport, one 85-year-old resident has come face-to-face with the obnoxious arrogance of the alien rabble.
  • “They meet and they have conversations in the middle of my front garden,” he said. 
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Who wants their private proeprty polluted by vermin?
Barely arrived and already they’ve cast aside any pretence of civility or respect for the native British!
No wonder the villagers protest that they’re being “overwhelmed” by people seeking asylum in the UK.

What makes it the more galling is that the ‘asylum’ is being given to Calais Jungle rats, whom Cameron was once heard to say would not be allowed to queue-jump!

Their insufferable anti-social behaviour is arguably outstripped by that of the Home Office, which, astoundingly,  would not say how many asylum seekers were being sent to Longford..

But a rare thanks to the BBC, who filmed no less than TWO COACHES AND  THREE VAN LOADS arriving in ONE day carrying people from Iran, Sudan, Eritrea and Syria.

No wonder the bureaucrats whose salaries come from tax-payers’ pockets won’t tell those tax-payers the numbers involved! 

So silence on the numbers…and tight-lipped on the extent of the largesse ripped off from the public purse as well. 

Neither the Home Office nor the hotel would say how much is paid per asylum seeker.


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Mogdad from Sudan said he had paid a people trafficker 500 euros (£370) in Calais to get to the UK.

So he committed a crime by coming across the Channel without passport or visa? And he still gets housed in comfort and not in jail?

Cameron, you foul hypocrite, what was all that phoney-patriot bombast about the swarm all about? I wasn’t fooled, and any Brits who were must be waking up to your betrayal by now.

These old people can surely remember with pride the country they grew up in and regret bitterly what Cameron and his scum predecessors have done to it.