If Erdogan Escalates, Europe Should Let Him Fight His Own Battles!


I just watched BBC World News, 10pm Jakarta time, and it seems the drone shot down by Turkey was indeed Russian, astray from across the Syrian border. Accordingly, the Beeb journo sonorously reminded us that Erdogan could invoke his NATO right to protection if he comes to blows with Putin.

‘NATO members would have to come to Turkey’s assistance!’ 


sod that


Frankly, I’d side with Putin, but regardless, I know I’ve said this just recently…

Easing Erdogan’s Angst? Not A Single NATO Cent Should Be Spent! 

…but I say it again, because this latest news escalates the risk of war.

Although Cameron is besotted with the arrogant Islamist, no such assistance should be forthcoming, from the UK or any other NATO member.

After yesterday’s Brussels ‘migrant’ summit, where Ankara demanded billions from European public purses…  Merkel backs multibillion-euro refugee package for Turkey …in exchange for carrying out its clear duty to control its own borders, the swine should be told he’s on his own if he picks a fight with Moscow.

Any Western help of ANY sort MUST be made totally contingent on a Turkish guarantee that they will prevent ANY further crimmigration AND take back every illegal whose intrusion into Europe originated from their country.

Erdogan is our enemy.

By ‘our,’ I mean everyone who values Western civilisation. He can go to Hell.