Media Lies, Migrant Lies – But Truth Will Surely Out!


Despite more and more of the the truth getting out, the rotten media maintain their propaganda war, misleading the gullible with the blatant lie –  
the influx of migrants arriving via Turkey, fleeing war and persecution.

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Eine Mehrheit von 51 Prozent der Deutschen sagt, dass es ihnen Angst macht, dass so viele Flüchtlinge zu uns kommen..

Which is to say, ‘a majority of 51% of Germans say that it makes them frightened, that so many refugees come to us…’


Just Thank God You’re Not German – Injustice Exposed, Jackboot Mayor Fumes! 

And if the lie-word ‘refugees’ were exchanged for the truth, illegal immigrants, the majority might be bigger.

I’m typing this while some pompous pinko is given scads of time on the BBC World (9am Jakarta time) channel to tell us how ‘impressive‘ crimmigrant courtesy is!




This, despite his own show recording their shameless admissions that they have lied about who they’re with (phoney ‘sister,’ phoney ‘father’) about their nationality (documents thrown into the sea) and their utter indifference to the rights of Germany and every European country to determine who may or may not cross their borders.


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  • ‘Impressive’ respect for their prospective hosts, yeah?

The sanctimonious clown drones on and on, not obscuring the liars’ fictions mentioned above, simply noting their dishonesty as if it’s irrelevant.

Already he’s had half-an-hour of free propaganda time for this rabble’s agenda. Still rabbiting on.

‘It doesn’t look like a holiday camp,‘ he bleats. about a centre paid for by Hungarian tax-payers for the rabble.


Just to emphasise his pro-crimmigrant credentials, he whines thus..

Welcome to Europe is written in razor-wire…’


….even as the camera skips to a pack of illegals dashing off into fields, avoiding registration that might prove the truth or otherwise of their sob-stories.

‘We can’t stop this flow of humanity…’

Of course we can! Hungary and, yesterday, Bulgaria too, show us how.

Bulgaria Shows The Way! Now For A Candle-Lit Pinko ‘Vigil?’ 


Have they no loyalty to their own countries?

Can the BBC not provide even a pretence of equal time to those opposed to the invasion, offering a pro-British perspective, instead of pumping out an endless stream of Juncker-style junk??


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  • But the truth is seeping through the razor wire of left-liberal lies.
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Here’s an extract from a news report, from Chemnitz, Germany, where local patriots turned out to protest the imposition of undesirable aliens on their community.   The original is of course in German, but I’ve done my best. If you want to check my version and read the whole story, there’s always Google Translate.

The interesting part is not actually the patriot protest, though it’s good to see resistance is continuing, but the way the arrogant primitives would not accept the temporary accommodation offered by the local council.

It’s not the opposition of decent Germans that worries them so much as the absence of all-mod-cons!

One 20-year-old upstart railed at the poor German officials, “This is not comfortable enough – that’s just a gym!”

The bureaucrats’ plan was to put families into family-appropriate accommodation but the apartments were all occupied, so temporarily to Markersdorf.
For the refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s not good enough. Interpreter Atta Nassar (48):

“The people are stubborn, they absolutely want into homes or a house.”

And then they showed their deceitful nature, shy about their real origins, uneasy with being identified.


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In protest some of the refugees photographed members of the press, because they do not want to be photographed themselves.


The mood among the refugees became more aggressive. Some said aloud, they wanted to leave Germany immediately, demanding a bus to Austria. “Better return to Syria than to stay here!”


Let’s provide similar lodgings, or worse, across Europe, if that’s the effect!

Risibly, the German link still calls them fluechtlinge (‘refugees’) whereas they stand exposed as obnoxious phoneys, pushy pigs!

If they were in any way genuine, they’d gladly take what was offered, and be thankful. 


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  • Best to push them all the way back to the Aegean Sea, and drive them into it.

They can easily commandeer discarded bludger-boats and paddle back to Turkey!