Immigrants? CRIMMIGRANTS! ‘They Forced The Police Back!’

Just got settled in the sun outdoors, but neglected to turn off the tv.

So I heard the BBC’s latest nauseating pro-crimmigrant propaganda, about the whining swarm on the Croatian border.


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  • Oh dear, the poor wannabe welfare spongers have got their snouts all wet and muddy, as if it’s the fault of the wicked West that the undesirables are experiencing inclement weather.

Newsflash – they left Turkey, they left Greece, they arrogantly shuffled their good-for-nothing butts across Macedonia and Serbia.

They are there of their own volition.

If they don’t like it, they can SOD OFF BACK SOUTH.


  • yugomap
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  • It’s warmer back where they came from.
  • Instead, the swine have ‘forced the police back.’
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  • No hint of condemnation of the lawless primtives from the BBC, BTW.

But while it’s a shame the Balkan border police are being humiliated by a parasitic rabble, blame the Croat and Slovene Governments for not authorising their perfectly adequate security personnel to curb the curs.

Both Croatia’s and Slovenia’s small army and police forces may not have a huge arsenal.


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  • But if have they NOTHING that can deter aggressive alien invaders, what’s the point of having a defence budget at all?