Street-Artist Harassed for Truth-Telling in Denmark!

  • In Denmark, a Swede named Dan Park’s right to free expression has been harassed for entertaining the public with rather a splendid work of art during a visit to the town of Silkeborg.
  • Again, we have The Local to thank for reporting how Park and a team of supporters posted flyers featuring a refugee family portrayed as terrorists. The flyers, which were also distributed to private post boxes, were a recreation of the ‘Refugees Welcome’ logo.
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  • Image: Dan Park
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  • This Swede has a refreshing grasp of ‘migrant’ realities. His country could do with more like him.
  • Instead of depicting a fleeing family holding hands and running, Park’s version shows the family members clutching weapons and dragging a child who is wearing a suicide belt. The flyers read “Terrorist Welcome – bring your weapons.”                                     
“The three people who were part of the distribution will be charged with hanging the posters on, among other things, electrical boxes. That is not legal..”
Police spokesman Flemming Just said so. A bit harsh. All of us who have been involved in electioneering, for example, have put posters where we shouldn’t. Why not just tell them to take the wrongly placed posters down?
And why this warning?
“…think twice before doing something like that again.”
 Loopy Bendixen
Better if the police issued warnings to pinko agitators like Michala Bendixen, of Refugees Welcome Denmark, a woman so pig-ignorant that she claims that –
‘Only a small part of terrorism in Europe has been committed by Islamists.’
Is she living in some kind of parallel universe where terror in Europe is carried out by militant Seventh Day Adventists, or Zen Buddhists?
Her preposterous assertion is the height of irresponsibility, at best – at worst she’s guilty of lulling ctizens into a false sense of security.
But she does enlighten us on the type of waster granted ‘asylum’ in Denmark. Bendixen states that the main reason for granting asylum is a refusal to join military forces – that’s a shameful reason, not least for all those hefty louts we’ve seen hollering abuse at European border guards.

If they cared for their country, or liberty, they could have grabbed a gun and start shooting at the ISIS rape-gang, like the heroic women of Kobane. 


Kasihan Kobane! Erdogan…Echoes of Warsaw 1944? 

 Those grand Kurdish gals haven’t crawled off and left their land to jihadist vermin.
But there’s no stopping the vast and vastly abusive gob of that Bendixen Bint. 
“Dan Park is an established racist who will do anything for attention. I think we should ignore him…
Hopefully Danes won’t.
BTW, Dan Park seems to have an unusual sense of humour.  
He’s been fined, and assaulted, and sentenced to prison, on ridiculous charges related to pictures deemed offensive to African and Roma people.  Why should anyone be punished for ‘offending’ others?
He just has a knack for upsetting pinkos!
It seems he’s pretty offensive to Christians too! I admit some of his output is hard to take, blasphemous, to be frank!
But civilised critics will tell him of their disapproval, if that’s the case.
Only intolerant left-libs jail folks for opinions, lefties not that dissimilar in their intolerance to the primitive savages who want to behead blasphemers.  
For more details, read the whole report  we’ve linked to..