Travellers DON'T Obstruct Roads and Railways! It's Roma Ratbags!

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People going to and fro, by rail or road, or indeed by plane, or by covered wagon..

The meaning is clear to most normal people…




..but then the PC media is not staffed by normal people!

How else to explain the ridiculous headlines on EuroNews, and the BBC, that absurd assertion that –
French travellers cut road and rail links…

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  • What the Grub Street gang is trying to deflect your attention away from, counter-productively, is that the guilty parties in this disgraceful saga of anti-social mayhem are ROMA, aka gypsies! 

Knowing how real French people feel about that lot, I can only assume that calling them ‘French travellers’ is the pinko hacks’ idea of adding insult to injury.

The French spent much time, money and energy kicking Roma wasters back to the dens they emerged from a couple of years ago, and provided us all with plenty of good reasons why they were entitled to.

Hollande’s pugnacious interior minister, Manuel Valls, stated openly that he wants to send tens of thousands more home, since the Roma ‘do not want to integrate.’

And before that?  France 24 had an article which included 

France’s Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux said on Monday that over the past 18 months crime committed by Roma people has increased by 259 percent in Paris alone….”Today, in Paris, the reality is that almost one in five perpetrators of a theft is a Romanian,” Hortefeux said on Wednesday at the joint press conference with immigration minister Eric Besson.




  • That ghastly old bat, EuroCommissar Reding, spat fury on the scumbags’ behalf..

Brussels, to the French, in France – “It’s No Matter if You’re Roma or French!” 

…but I reckon that France expelled a large number.

Not enough clearly, if the substance, unlike the headline, of the EuroNews item contains much truth. And it does contain some.

 A group of around 30 travellers raided a scrapyard and blocked a road in the French alps in Moirans near Grenoble on Tuesday, setting the wrecks alight..


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  • It hardly matters. If  the dregs of society behave in such a manner, cops in any country should arrive mob-handed and thrash them till they beg for mercy.  A few rounds of live ammo wouldn’t be out of place either!

But just to let you know, if you don’t already, some of the waster pack’s juvenile delinquents were in jail, after being caught in a stolen car. The driver damaged the vehicle, badly, and himself, fatally – no great loss, obviously.

But his fellow-swine on the outside demanded his kin be released to attend the car-thief’s funeral. Interestingly, only RT gave an accurate report. 


  • ...locals told FranceInfo that they witnessed “scenes of extreme violence” and some even evacuated their cars in fear.Roma almost stormed the city hall building, from which all workers had to be evacuated. The schools of the city were under siege, too, and the administration wouldn’t let the students outside
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  • So just to show how much they deserved sympathy, they ran amok, stole other people’s property, used it to engage in wanton arson, and obstructed the public highway.

Happily, unlike last year, the French authorities refused to knuckle under to these lawless louts.  

Now if only they’d show the same grit when it comes to the Calais savages!