Savages Burn Tents, Move Against Vienna -1683 Re-Play Required!


Imbecilic ‘intellectuals!’

France 24 is on this morning, news that eight hundred (and I quote) ‘thinkers’ have signed a pro-crimmigrant petition, demanding their government give more aid and comfort to the swarm of savages in Calais.


Does that include free condoms for the rapist scum who terrorise the women in The Jungle?Calais Women ‘Take Turns Staying Awake In Case Someone Attacks!’ 

Or free tents to expand the violent rabble’s nightclubs?


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  • ‘Thinkers!?!’

Mere Gallic garbage! As said before, no household in its right mind, facing rat infestation, would festoon its rooms with Kraft Cheese Slices!

France 24 was on last night, hence my attention when  I rose this morning, and I listened to a debate before bedtime.


Calais crimmigrant rabble


Turns out the French have been taking batches of bludgers from Calais to Southern France in a feeble effort to reduce the Jungle population.

  • Then what happens? The crimmigrants board trains and head straight back north! Ignore the obvious questions, like where do these ‘poor, destitute refugees’ get money to buy rail tickets? 

Is Paris so totally supine?

Why aren’t the swine interned in Perpignan? Or Narbonne? Or Marseilles? Instructed to apply for ‘asylum’ if they want to be released, and the applications streamlined, quick decision, accept them or deport them?

Meanwhile, speaking of tents, what about the disgusting vandalism in Slovenia?


god of hellfire

Migrants ‘torch tents’ in Slovenia camp – BBC News –


That sickening ingratitude reflects the truth again, exposing the media-led lie that the swine are in some sense ‘refugees.’

Even the Jakarta Post has picked up on the defeatism that’s destroying what’s left of Christendom.

Croatian government leaders argue that it’s pointless, if not impossible, to stop people who overwhelmingly express determination to reach wealthier nations in Western Europe, chiefly Germany.

Of course it’s neither pointless, nor impossible!

Given the clear recognition that it’s deeper, richer troughs they’re after, not safety, every European nation should give explicit orders to its police and armed forces.


Stop the invasion!


Yet all we hear is mealy-mouthed hogwash, surrender-monkeys chattering as alien hogs trot forward, savouring the benefits awaiting them in Vienna – yes, in Berlin too, and Stockholm ( and London, Brits!)

But Vienna is the first target on the bludgers’ itinerary!

1500 migrants break through barrier into Austria, march forward…

Turbulent scenes have emerged in Austria’s south on Wednesday as 1,500 migrants broke through a police barrier ...



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  • From that JP report above, a craven Croat implicitly admits the swine are bogus ‘refugees,’ even as the lame-brain continues to misuse that very word. The very next sentence underlines this lesson.

“The Republic of Croatia has asked these refugees to stay at our reception centers until their status is resolved, but they all refuse,” said Matija Posavec, governor of Medjimurje, Croatia’s northernmost county bordering Slovenia.


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We know what they want.

They want what Europe’s got.

And they’re taking it, with the collaborationist ruling class complicit in their aggression.

Time is running out.


Where will 2015’s equivalent of John Sobieski appear to lead the resistance!

More importantly, when?