Euronews’ ‘Fascist’ Smear Against Polish Opposition!



The cultural marxist vermin who run Euronews  went into hyperdrive hogwash mode tonight (1a.m. Jakarta time) quoting un-named communist sources who smeared the front-runner in Poland’s election, Law and Justice leader Kaczynski, as ‘fascist.’  





Not a single person or party adduced to back up the lying scum-journos’ political dirty tricks – entirely EuroNews’ own gutter tactics.

At the same time the EuroNews left-bigot editors invoked some UN numbskull’s hypocritical outburst. accusing Czech authorities of ‘violating the human rights’ of migrant parasites!





They searched them, found wads of cash, and required the dirty parasites to chip in for all the freebies they’re getting.


Is there no end to the evil of these countries, which, unlike Western Europe, understand who our enemies really are?