Heated Tents for Calais Curs? Flame-Throwers Make More Sense!


With a pack of savages  – including rapists and attempted murder culprits Calais Curs Try To Murder Brits? PUT THEM DOWN!  – baying at both the citizens of Calais and a NATO ally across the Channel, Hollande’s lap-dog minister announces they’re to guarantee an escalation of the swarm’s numbers by providing ‘heated tents!”

Since we must assume that France’s rulers are not clinically insane, we are obliged to conclude they are engaged in conduct akin to subversion…or treason.


Cameron affords them ‘asylum?’ Surely better a HOT welcome rather than a warm one!


Thanks to craven Cameron, too, they are emboldened.

The treacherous swine ( I use that word advisedly )Cameron, The Jungle, Bestiality, ‘Swine?’ Whatever Next?  at Number Ten has been affording them ‘asylum’ despite their utterly illegal entry through the Channel Tunnel.

Guilty Conscience? Home Office Hiding Crimmigrant Costs! 

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I know the Americans used flame-throwers against enemies in tunnels, back when they were trying to keep Vietnam free.

Surely technology has advanced sufficiently since then to deploy modern versions, to erase the Jungle altogether? Destroy the shanty-town, including its nightclubs.  Wanna Go Clubbing? Calais’s The New Hot Spot! 

Winter is a-comin’ in, and Northern France is no more salubrious a place to sleep out in than is Merry England. Once autumn takes its leave, time to make them leave.  Calais’ Madame Mayor is quite justified in proposing 10-year sentences…Media Lying to Divide Patriots …but cheaper by far to kick the scum out.


If they won’t get going of their own accord, then intern them.  The object should be to require every undesirable  alien in and around Calais to apply formally for ‘asylum’ in France, whch is after all a safe country. If they won’t, then they are hardly any kind of ‘refugee’ at all.

They should be deported overnight. Calais is a port, so it can’t be too awkward to bring in a container vessel.

If they do apply for  ‘asylum’ in France, it shouldn’t be hard to find reasons, for 90% of them, to refuse them.  They have long been witnessed openly participating in vandalism and riot, and their penchant for worse forms of criminality is well-known.


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  • A simple screening of the multiple videos showing their disorderly conduct (to put it mildly!) should give enough grounds for expulsion before those containers set sail.