Patriotism ‘Poisonous?’ Pinko Propaganda As Poland Votes!

Supporters for the conservative opposition Law and Justice party at a rally in Warsaw.
Polish patriots – poisonous?

After the disgraceful slurs on EuroNews…Euronews’ ‘Fascist’ Smear Against Polish Opposition! …now we have the UK Guardian weighing in against Polish patriots, an outlandish article which talks of poison and xenophobia.

Why? Because Poland’s voters are making decisions decidedly at odds with the facts.

But the Guardian hack, Alex Duval Smith, is somewhat selective about ‘the facts’ which he covers in his propaganda piece.


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The key fact is that, seventy years after Adolf Hitler went up in smoke, his successor Mama Stasi Merkel, a veteran of the same Communist apparatus that tormented Poles at least as much as it oppressed her fellow-Germans, is performing an action replay, reconstructing the Nazis’ Pan-Europe Reich.

Today’s Poles now find themselves jack-booted on the issue of their country’s very identity.

  • Not Welcome! Doormat
  • Berlin’s irresponsible welcome mat to undesirable aliens is being used to suffocate Polish self-determination. 
  • At least Merkel’s crimes against Germany may face ballot-box scrutiny by those she’s betrayed. But Poland’s elected government was simply ordered by Brussels (at Berlin’s behest) to knuckle under and take in thousands of people whom the Polish people do not want in their country.  
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  • A flagrant blow to the democratic principle, and to sovereignty.
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Shamefully, the left-lib regime in Warsaw, having felt obliged by popular opinion to resist, suddenly U-turned and buckled, Poland’s Prime Minister, a Cameron-like bint named Kopacs, emerging as a craven, crawling hand-maiden to the primitive horde’s cultural marxist sponsors.


  •  Kaczynski


Step forward Jaroslaw Kaczynski, a true Pole, telling truths – the Guardian breathlessly says he has warned his fellow-citizens that “migrants carry very dangerous diseases!” And rocks, for throwing at cops, he might have added!

It seems his party has had the effrontery to run a populist campaign with broad appeal. 

So that’s what populism is all about, offering ‘broad appeal?’ Sounds like simply sensible politics to me!

The hack falls back on one or two disaffected voices, like a fruit and veg seller from Warsaw. I have no problem with fruit and veg sellers – they are at least as likely to talk sense than smarmy George Clooney or noted nut-job Naomi Campbell, whose opinions are inexplicably touted by the left-lib media, as if they actually KNOW anything.


Naomi Campbell Cadbury’s Crumbles before Nutty Naomi – Beauty Sans Brains? 


“They are promoting fear of immigrants when, in fact, migrants are not going to come to Poland,’ intones the spud-seller.  She clearly hasn’t read that it’s a done-deal, thousands to be dumped on Poland, and God help the Poles if they try to ensure the influx consists of those who might be acceptable to Poles.

Or there’s Jacek Kucharczyk, director of the Institute of Public Affairs, who is appalled that voters will think and make up their own minds on issues that matter to THEM, if not to him, rather than bow to Brussels edicts.

“We are about to give the country to a bunch of political extremists who have been smart enough to send consoling signals to people who are scared. We are going through a kind of counter-Reformation.”  Fear and xenophobia poison Polish polls

Counter-Revolution is what’s required!
Solidarity ousted Communism –  now Poles need rid of the EUSSR’s Cultural Marxism.

Scared? What could possibly scare Poles?

The hoodlum mobs we’ve seen charging police lines across the Balkans, slobbering to get their greedy snouts into welfare troughs, no respect at all for the laws of the lands they wish to gate-crash?

The primitive aliens in Berlin erupting into violent mayhem merely because they felt their fanatic dogma slighted?

The bestial sectarian ‘refugees’ who murdered Christian fellow-‘migrants’ even before they disembarked in Europe?


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Bavarians ordering their school-kids into backward smocks to avoid risk of molestation by Syrian savages?

The rapists in Calais, and Ventimiglia, and even in the accommodation graciously bestown by German tax-payers – filthy brutes barely settled in, immediately preying on whatever women they can get their filthy paws on.


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Nothing scary about all those good reasons for Poles to fear what fate awaits their wives, sisters and daughters? .

What IS scary is that the people of the countries in which these outrages  are occurring have not taken action to remedy the problem.

None of the rapists has been deported, never mind put up against a wall and shot, which would be fair recompense for such revolting ingratitude.

Pinkos usually endeavour to divert attention from important issues, identity, sovereignty, democracy, instead playing the ‘economic’ card – marxists always do, mystification of the ‘masses’ by exploiting class-prejudice.

But that won’t wash this time. Bringing in loads of wasters has no obvious economic advantage!


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Poles are right next door to the Czech Republic, so they know they’ll be ripped off by the malignants en route from ISIS-Land  (or wherever they’re pretending to be from this week!)

When the Czechs expect the parasites to stump up for some of the goodies gouged from the Prague public purse, there’s an outcry, instead of applause!

The swine won’t own up to their secreted funds, so the liars have to be strip-searched in order to make them pay the daily cost of 250 crowns ($10.46) for their detention!

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Even worse, the wicked Czechs are perpetrating something akin to torture on the phoney ‘refugees….’their mobile phones were taken away when they were detained, Zeid said.

OMG! A government that shows sense!

Poles should do the same, as should all Europe!



Tomorrow we’ll know if Poland’s heart beats soundly.

I reckon it will be a good result for Poles, a bad one for Mama Merkel and her ‘migrant’ mob.