Question – Who Would Hire A Liar? Answer MSNBC!

  The nauseating bias of the European media on the crimmigrant issue……and Australia’s ABC on the bludger-boat issue is exemplified by the way they provide platforms for liars.  

  • Possibly Abbott noticed the revelation on Facebook by an ABC ‘national reporting team staffer’ named Alison Branley about …the story our Jakarta guy ran on the asylum seekers burns claims. My boss feels the allegations are likely to be untrue.”


The ABC’s “Jakarta guy,” George Roberts, wrote last week that images of burned hands “back up the claims of mistreatment made by the asylum seekers” during previous ABC interviews.

As one Facebook comment put it fairly and squarely, “Jeez, Alison, if your boss had doubts about this, why didn’t she seek clarification before running with the story and besmirching the reputation of the whole Australian Navy?”

…..As Miranda Devine says, the story was never plausible…the most likely scenario is the asylum seekers tampered with the engine and burned themselves in the process.

But their claims were accepted uncritically by the ABC.

Footage of burned hands was offered in evidence and spread via the ABC’s ill-gotten Australia Network to Indonesia, where it provided ready ammunition for our detractors.

What kind of ABC ‘journalism’ was it that demanded no proof from those parasite purveyors of tall tales?


What kind of BBC ‘journalism’ is it that recognises mendacities from ‘migants’ but fails to discontinue partisan coverage of the liars?

But the hacks we’ve spotlighted on ABC and BBC are not thereby guilty of lying themselves.

Unlike the swine still on a certain American company’s pay-roll, guilty of viciously dishonest reporting the terrorist assault on Israel.


                      Hasil gambar untuk mohyeldin msnbc Evidently no lesson learned?


Is it possible to be MORE biased than BBC, CBC, or Australia’s ABC?

Let’s have a look at MSNBC!


Monday, NBC did the right thing when it apologized for airing “factually wrong” anti-Israel graphics.But NBC’s credibility is still at risk. NBC is letting an anti-Israel reporter cover up terror in Israel.
Amid a campaign to blame Israel for defending itself, MSNBC reporter Ayman Mohyeldin told viewers that he saw Israeli security shoot a man with no weapons in his hands. But it was not true.The man was a terrorist who was rushing Israelis with a knife in his hand.

Mohyeldin has a history of denying the horrors of terrorism.

  • During the 2014 war with Hamas, Mohyeldin falsely reported that an Israeli drone had struck a Gaza hospital and killed civilians. In fact, it was an Islamic Jihad rocket.
  • Mohyeldin was criticized for being a “Hamas spokesman” after he parroted Hamas’ denial that it used civilians as human shields — despite Hamas’ interior ministry actually calling on civilians to act as human shields.
  • Mohyeldin criticized the United States for not having diplomatic relations with Hamas, an officially listed terror group, and effectively blamed the Gaza crisis on the United States’ refusal.
These are only a few of the criticisms of Mohyeldin for his reporting on Israel. Any one of them should be enough for NBC to remove him from the Israel beat to restore faith in the network’s impartiality.