RIP Windy Septia!

Like most bloggers, I take pleasure from any increase in viewing stats. The more who take an interest in my observations, the happier I am. 

Hence when my stats darn near doubled these past few days, I was delighted – until I realised why.

It turns out that a lovely dangdut singer, Windy Septia, about whom I wrote a few months ago…

…has died, at the shockingly young age of 21. I gather it was due to some kind of cancerous tumour. Windy was one half of the Duo Sabun Colek.

So I still my cheering and share the sadness of her many fans.

She got my attention because she was one of those brave TKIs, those courageous girls who go to work abroad, in often menial jobs, in situations that are often dangerous, rarely fun.


  • ============
  • But by talent and luck she escaped her drudgery and won fame.

I append a photo that shows how lively and pretty she was. 

RIP, Windy.