Two Months Till Christmas! Partying Already- But NOT In Aceh!

Heck, it only seems like a month or two back that I took down the tree!

When I lived in the Old Country, that month from early December till early January was the party season, whereas here in Jakarta, freed from the bonds of daily toil, that happy concept has expanded…


..and expanded!

This past week I thought there was only one get-together, then on arriving thereto, one of my pals informed me that not only Thursday but Friday evening too required my attendance at revelry.


Hasil gambar untuk old drunks


Man, it’s a hard life.


Yet anyone partying in this part of Indonesia, possessed of anything that resembles a conscience, must surely spare a thought for those wretched Indonesians unlucky enough to dwell in Hell, or that part of Hell that calls itself the Verandah of Mecca.

I often refer, accurately enough, to the Province of Aceh as a stagnant sectarian swamp.

But the adjective stagnant suggests little if any movement, so let’s acknowledge today that the Acehnese authorities are indeed moving, ever downwards in the direction of Hades.

It would be easy to say backwards, but that falls into the trap of defining shariah cruelty as ‘conservative,’ which, in a province once ruled by dynamic Muslim queens, is hardly appropriate.  The ruling fanatics are oblivious to that history and to  outstanding Acehnese women since.

‘Immoral Activities – Sitting in Coffee Shops Laughing and Talking…’ 

Like many other parts of this lovely archipelago, what’s happening is radical, not conservative

Better still, call it Arabisation, significantly led nationwide by people of Yemeni descent, who cling to their alien roots instead of embracing Indonesia’s traditionally tolerant approach to religion.


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  • Anyway, what can possibly be ‘religious’ about a masked moron battering a little woman before a cheering, probably sexually aroused, mob of slobbering brutes?

But fear not, it can only get worse!

Syahrizal Abas, the head of the province’s Islamic sharia office, said the current bylaw was still lacking as it only regulated alcohol, gambling and unmarried couples being alone together.

evil judge


So it’s not just the sin of a cold beer on a hot day, or strolling hand-in-hand with a lovely lady on a quiet beach – there are many other ways Syahrizal and his fellow-primitives can drag their people down – read the JP article and marvel at the malignancy revealed therein

Nothing we mere foreign friends of Indonesia can do to ease the plight of the people in Aceh, who BTW were never given a referendum to see if they WANTED shariah law! Except let everyone know what gives up there.

Therefore, let us party ever harder.

For me, next week is easier, two more to go to, but this time plenty of notice to prepare myself and make sure there are no visitors due on either of the mornings after!

At least yesterday was a genuine day-off, my sole weekend visitor scheduled to arrive at 3pm, more than adequate time for my recovery.

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  • Today, Sunday morning, that thoughtful guest has yet to leave, busily preparing breakfast as I type – we’re out of bacon, but sausages galore.