Is Castro-Symp Sanders Wilfully Ignorant?

I haven’t paid much attention to the US elections for a while.

Yet although everyone is repelled by the hypocrisy and mendacity of Clinton, there’s always a tendency to give outsiders like Bernie Sanders the benefit of the doubt…



…yeah, he’s a nutter, but at least he’s honest.

Not anymore.

The man is clearly well-educated and into politics in a big way, so either he’s deliberately lying or is wilfully ignorant when it comes to Cuba.

All the more when you notice he’s been laying into Clinton for her hypocritical u-turn on pervert weddings.

Sanders called her out, rightly, for trying to rewrite history over her wriggling on that issue… .


So howzabout Sanders’ own efforts to re-write Cuban history?


In 1985, Bernie Sanders went to Nicaragua, where he was much taken with the marxist regime. But his highest praise was reserved for the despotism just across the Caribbean.

“In 1959 everybody was totally convinced that Fidel Castro was the worst guy in the world and all of the Cuban people were going to rise up in rebellion against Fidel Castro…They forgot that he educated their kids, gave their kids healthcare, totally transformed the society…

..So they expected this tremendous uprising in Cuba, but it never came.”


  • fidel2
  • However, Humberto Fontova can be relied on to keep us up to date with American folly and deception about ‘that imprisoned island,’ as RFK accurately described it.
  • As Senor Fontova points out,
  • ………In fact, the only genuinely popular rebellion and genuine guerrilla war in Cuba in the 20th Century was waged against the regime co-founded by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara….


  • …This ferocious guerrilla war, waged during the early 60’s only 90 miles from U.S. shores mostly by Cuban rednecks might have taken place on the planet Pluto for all you’ll read about it in the mainstream media.
  • You see, this anti-Stalinist rebellion, involving ten times the number of rebels, ten times the number of casualties, and lasting twice as long as the puerile skirmish against Batista, found no New York Times’ “reporter” anywhere near Cuba’s hills. And as Che Guevara snickered in his diaries:

“Much more valuable than recruits for our guerrilla force, were American media recruits to export our propaganda.”

And as Fidel Castro snickered while visiting New York Times headquarters in April 1959 and pinning a medal on their Latin American reporter Herbert Matthews;

“To our American friend Herbert Matthews with gratitude. Without your help, and without the help of The New York Times,the Revolution in Cuba would never have been.”

Having quoted RFK above, it remains for me to let the Cuban patriot writer remind readers how his elder brother pledged to the Soviets that the U.S. immediately pull the rug out from under Cuba’s valiant and desperate freedom- fighters.

Raul Castro himself admitted that at the time of the Missile Crisis his troops and their Soviet advisors were up against 179 different “bands of bandits” as he labeled the thousands of Cuban anti-Communist rebels then battling savagely and virtually alone in Cuba’s countryside, with small arms shipments from their compatriots in south Florida as their only lifeline.

communism tyranny

Kennedy’s Missile-Crisis deal with Khrushchev cut this lifeline. It’s a tribute to the power of Castroite mythology that even with all this information a matter of public record for over half a century the academic/media mantra (gloat, actually) still has Castro,” defying ten U.S. Presidents!”


As for Sanders’ other nonsenses, the same old hogwash we hear about Cuba’s wondrous health-care, here’s just one refutation of the lies spun to the gullible by the monstrous tyranny in Havana.

Dr. Juan Felipe García, MD, of Jacksonville, Fla., interviewed several recent doctor defectors from Cuba. Based on what he heard, he reported the following: 
“The official Cuban infant-mortality figure is a farce. Cuban pediatricians constantly falsify figures for the regime. If an infant dies during its first year, the doctors often report he was older. Otherwise, such lapses could cost him severe penalties and his job.