Licensed to Crawl? Daniel 007 Craig Signs Pro-Parasite Petition!

Filmmakers urge EU leaders to welcome refugees – 20/10/2015 18:52:31
Award-winning filmmakers have signed a petition calling on EU leaders to
welcome refugees and resist xenophobic urges.




When I read of that petition, I scoffed. Down from their ivory towers, crawling to the PC line, eager to embrace the alien influx gate-crashing their countries.

There are few life-forms lower than ‘intellectuals’ – well yes, lawyers are way down there at snake’s-belly level too, for the most part – and I’d be most surprised if some or most or maybe all of these fatuous fancy-pants  haven’t enjoyed a large dollop of tax-payers’ money.  So it’s a case of parasite solidarity with parasites, right? 

Most of them I haven’t heard of  – do these names ring any bells with any of you?

the Dardenne brothers, Aki Kaurismaki, Jiri Menzel, Bela Tarr, Costa-Gavras, Italian actress Isabella Rossellini,  Michael Haneke….

Maybe Breibart has the resources to research that quesion?




We know their movies are often high-brow junk that couldn’t get anywhere without subsidies from the local version of the Arts Council or Ministry of Culture or some such waste-of-space public body.

But then I read down the list of self-important A-holes and lo, there’s none other than…



Daniel Craig.

‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service?’


Hasil gambar untuk merkel hijab


Or in the service of Mama Stasi versus ‘xenophobic’– aka patriotic  –  urges?

Some ‘hero,’ lining up with dilletante dead-beats against decent Europeans beleaguered by lawless and/or primitive hordes.

The sad thing is, probably a lot of young lads look up to this pro-crimmigrant cur.

Time to disabuse their young minds. There are plenty of good films out there, most of them nowt to do with any of the poncey pinkos mentioned in the EUObs report, so boycott Craig the Creep when his next film comes out.

I know a lot of good Americans who won’t darken a cinema door if that bitch Hanoi Jane is on the screen within.


hanoi jane


Craig’s not quite so far down the slime scale as Fonda, but nevertheless he merits pariah status as far as patriots are concerned.