Paul Ryan is NO Conservative – He’s Got a Gaystapo Record

The last thing America needs, given the Supreme Court and the White House are now both in thrall to the evil gaystapo agenda, is a Republican House Speaker even more compromised on  fundamental principles than the windbag Boehner.



Paul Ryan Speaker


Yet if the GOP members of Congress anoint Paul Ryan for the job, they will be elevating an enemy of traditional values who has shown himself willing to endorse the most vicious legislation, the Employee Non-Discrimination Act.

Some US patriot media have woken up, a little belatedly, to the threat Ryan represents. He openly supports banning workplace discrimination against gays and lesbians …acknowledging he ‘took a lot of grief’ for the ENDA vote from members of his own party.


I should damned well hope so!




We’ve seen how ‘gay rights’ lawfare has trampled freedoms in Canada and in the UK. Any similar codes passed at federal level in the USA would galvanise the gaystapo to finish off freedom altogether.


Let’s just think about the specter of a Speaker of the House who supports the current horrific so-called “Equality Act”, introduced as H.R. 3185 and S. 1858 in July just after the SCOTUS marriage decision…



It’s the top priority of the major homosexual groups right now and vaults across any previous anti-discrimination bill to essentially wipe out free speech and religious liberty on the issues of homosexuality and gender change by declaring these behaviors to be civil rights in America.