Meat Kills? What Doesn’t? Let’s Just Go Eat Worms!

Food_Glorious_FoodHasil gambar untuk go eat worms


I’m not even going to give the link for the latest Eating-Panic story.

You must all have read that meat is SO bad for you.




The Food Fascists appear to be unpleasantly and implacably opposed to all that normal human beings like to consume.

But, having returned from a nice get-together at a beery joint last night…


  • …where I devoured heaps of pork and beef, and potato salad, all washed down with half-a-dozen or more cold Bintangs, it suddenly occurred to me to call up some links to other scary stories noticed in the recent past.

  • Various “meat and potatoes” dietary patterns have been found to be associated with increased risks of many cancer types, including breast cancer. However, it is possible that these heightened risks may be due primarily to red meat and fried potato intake; it is possible that consumption of boiled or steamed potatoes does not carry such risks.Potatoes | Food for Breast Cancer
  • Dangerous!
  • …OR NOT!
  • And chicken?
  • FDA finally admits chicken meat contains cancer-causing arsenic …

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  • mangfood
  • Yummy Indonesian chicken dishes
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  • And every Mum’s benevolent advice to offspring – ‘eat lots of fruit and veg?’
  • Research links cancer to fruit and vegetables – The Guardian


And I think you’ll find that coffee too has been debated as a possibly perilous substance….


I’m on my third kopi hitam this bright Jakarta morn – it’s barely 9am!


…or not…

Coffee Intake Not Linked With Pancreatic Cancer Risk …

25 Sep 2015 – There may be no association between coffee intake and pancreatic cancer.
Oh, there MAY?
On the other hand, there MAY NOT!
If not, we should jump atop a table to sing and/or dance?
More risk – falling off tables can be injurious to your well-being!
So we should spend our meagre allotted span doing SFA?
Munching muesli, sipping aerated water, no wild parties, no fooling around…?
Until we die of boredom?
sod that
The Health-Freaks find fault with just about EVERYTHING!
Nobody denies them the right to an opinion, but they have turned into wannabe dictators, UK schools telling parents what kids can have in their packed lunches!
Or banned even from having a packed lunch, if that transgresses state nutrition policy!
Parents who had hoped to discuss the meal policy with teachers on the first day of term were met by two police community support officers.
What we as individuals, or as families, decide to do in terms of eating and drinking is OUR business, not the nanny-state’s.
If busy-body shrills enjoy shrilling at us, up to them – as long as the damned government doesn’t act to enshrine their alarmist propaganda in law.
But it’s happening!
In Britain, as noted above, and also in the USA…..
….NYC’s bid to ban big sodas an obvious example!
As if Yanks are incapable of deciding for themselves on a hot Big Apple weekend how much fizzy juice they can consume! NYC loses appeal to ban large sugary drinks –
Soon enough, I’m sure, sex will be deemed hazardous.
Then it’s the end of the world!
Next time some sticky-beak tells you that what you like is not what you should like, here’s the most considered, scientific response.