Child 44 – A Brilliant Movie!

Every so often you pick up a dvd and find a gem.

That’s what happened with ‘Child 44’ and I’m recommending it strongly. 



Ever wonder what became of that Red Army soldier photographed atop the Reichstag in 1945?

This British film, released in April this year, directed by Daniel Espinosa, purports to take up his tale once he’s back in Moscow, an honoured hero, of course…

until he realises that Communism and justice go together like dung and peaches. Stalin’s USSR believes that ‘there is no such thing as murder in paradise,‘ an assertion somewhat hard to swallow given Stalin’s deliberate murder of millions, not least in the Holodomor, the red famine perpetrated on the Ukraine/

But though the context is clear, it’s not a political film as such, but a great yarn – the good guy, Demidova ( Tom Hardy) won’t let up on his search for a serial killer, though it costs him dear.

Reduced in rank and sent off to a backwater with his wife Raisa (Noomi Rapace) he enlists the support of his new commander (Gary Oldman)



Despite the determined efforts of a particularly mean commie officer (Joel Kinnaman) in Moscow, Demidova presses on, and ultimately triumphs, to the extent any kind of justice can triumph in a marxist society.

I haven’t enjoyed a movie as much for quite some time.

Don’t know if it’s on in Jakarta, but for sure you’ll find a dvd somewhere.