‘Jungle Jet!’ Hollande’s Con-Air Luxury for Calais Crimmigrants!



Pity the report misleads readers about the swine enjoying this latest largesse leeched from French tax-payers. The luxury jet passengers are NOT ‘refugees,’ but simply malignant parasites, who entered France from safe countries and are not applying for refugee status there anyway.

But Hollande’s coy apparatchiks naturally won’t admit that, any more than they are prepared to tell the truth about the private jet that transfers only a handful refugees at a time from Calais to other parts of France.

( France’s Ministry of Interior has so far refused to comment)  http://www.thelocal.fr/20151019/france-wastes-15m-on-private-refugee-jet 


And the more you read, the more insanity is revealed. These neat little planes can take 19 at a time.


France ‘blows €1.5m on private jet for refugees’

BUT…due to the fact that each refugee must be accompanied by two police officers, the plane is actually only taking five refugees at a time from Calais to other towns in France like Metz, Toulouse, Nîmes, Hendaye, and Perpignan. the Beechcraft 1900 jet flies up to three times a week and has been doing so for six months.
Who could possibly deny that these lovely ‘refugees’ deserve all-expenses-paid luxury travel?
If there were any kind of good faith at work, any seriousness at all in this clandestine process, then large transport aircraft should be used, the undesirables manacled together and chained to the seats.
Hasil gambar untuk convicts chained on plane
A hundred or more at a time could be shifted, no need for more than a handful of cops to watch the swine.
Or why not put Calais Railway Station to good use, lease a few freight trains, fill ’em up with crimmigrant cargo and off they go? 
Hasil gambar untuk freight train
Or better still, container ships, holding thousands below decks, straight back to Savage-Land!
Hasil gambar untuk container vessels
Yeah, nice daydreams…
But the reality just gets worse the more you scroll down!
Thanks to an honest cop, Frédéric Hochart, of the UNSA police union, we learn that the damfool regime in Paris no sooner unloads these parasites at the unfortunate cities chosen as garbage dumps by Hollande, than
.“…most of the people who are sent away just come back!”
For Pete’s sake!
There are no secure detention facilities?
No guards?
.Mon Dieu!
But who is stricken with shock and dismay at anything instigated by Hollande?
The poltroon has no regard for his own citizens, who don’t want illegal aliens bludging off their taxes. Most French citizens oppose softer rules on refugee status
Does Hollande heed democratic demands? Far from it.
Au contraire!
He’s been sending his emissaries abroad to TOP UP the numbers!
 Paris dispatched a team of immigration officials to Munich to convince refugees to seek asylum in France.