Pig-Ignorant Penn Gets Headlines, Honest Author Gets Fired



Hollywood star Sean Penn said on Sunday the upcoming climate talks in Paris were the “last great chance” to stop the planet overheating.Sean Penn: Paris climate talks ‘last great hope

Why the heck do the media treat the vapouring of this marxist buffoon, on a subject he’s not remotely qualified to talk about, as ‘news?’  

We all know he’s an enemy of freedom of the press Dissent? Pinko Penn Plumps for Soviet Solution! and a rancid hypocrite in terms of his personal life.

“I was brought up in a country that relished fear-based religion, corrupt government and an entire white population living on stolen property that they murdered for and that is passed on from generation to generation.” 

This from the multi-millionaire owner of a mansion in Malibu, among other pleasant property so far unrestored to the Red Indian ‘owners.’


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A nasty Know-Nothing like Penn deserves no more media attention than the guy who sweeps the streets in my little housing complex – less, in fact, for the street-sweeper is probably smarter and more honest. 

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  • Much more newsworthy is what happens when somebody who clearly DOES know something about the subject has the guts to speak up against the cozy subsidised ‘climate’ consensus?

Get a load of how free and fair the French media turns out to be!


Climat investigation - Philippe Verdier - Editions Ring - Livres


A weather forecaster for French state television has been fired after releasing and promoting a book criticizing politicians, scientists and others for what he calls an exaggerated view of climate change.



After Charlie Hebdo, you’d think France’s media would abhor censorship


Philippe Verdier’s dismissal from France-2 comes a month before Paris hosts a U.N. conference aimed at the most ambitious worldwide agreement yet to limit global warming. He announced the dismissal in an online video over the weekend in which he described it as an attack on media freedom.

So it is, but what else do we expect from the establishment lapdog press?  

I await an English translation of Verdier’s book – and hope the hot weather here persists so I can sit out front and read it!