Rogue Turk Regime Raises Ransom Demand – Fight Back, Europe!

So the Turks have given Erdogan a new mandate to extort.

The avaricious Islamist regime has shrugged off the basic duty of any civilised country to man its borders and ensure rapacious savages do not swarm through against neighbouring nations.


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  • Despite well-equipped armed forces which could do the job effectively, it is quite deliberately letting some 10,000 of them a day go past border guards on the Aegean coast and on its land borders with EU states en route, via Greece and the Western Balkans, to Austria and Germany.
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  • Observers acquainted with the history of the region might argue it’s pay-back, because when Byzantium fell, in 1453, much of Europe stood idly by as the Eastern Roman Empire became part of the caliphate. 
  • A Dark Day, indeed. 




But that’s mere musing on a dire mistake long since made.

What’s tragic now is that while the sectarian brute in Ankara swaggers in his opulent palace, revelling in the kow-tow antics exhibited in Brussels, there’s hardly a voice raised among the victims of his blackmail demanding counter-measures. It’s all about appeasement, according to a senior EU diplomat familar with the talks.

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  • “First, we offered €1 billion [in aid]. Then we offered €3 billion. Now the Turks have put a figure of €3 billion per year on the table in return for their agreement on the Action Plan.”

Again, there are different ways of looking at this. One consolation is that Brussels stands exposed as entirely hypocritical in its perennial bleating about human rights in countries beyond its sphere of influence.

The EUSSR’s annal report on Turkey’s lamentable record ( the draft text accuses Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan of cracking down on press freedom and judicial independence.) has been held back.


Liar Juncker, who was at ease whilst grotesquely insulting Hungary’s PM Orban as a ‘dictator’ not long ago,  is grovelling to Erdogan like the Luxembourgeois louse he is, telling MEPs on Tuesday: “We can harp on about that but where is that going to take us in our discussions with Turkey?” His spokesman, Alexander Winterstein, said: “We don’t comment on these internal developments.”


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Another EU source said “It’s not that Erdogan asked the Commission to keep silent. It’s self-censorship.”


  • DariusIOfPersia1 Xerxes Erdogan receiving Euro-Supplicants?
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Back to the extortion racket – referring to Turkey’s €3 billion a year demand, the contact said Erdogan is operating a “protection racket.”

“It’s a classic protection racket. First you give €1 billion and they say it’s not enough. Then €3 billion and they come back and say: ‘Now you have to pay more’  They’re in a position where they can open or close the sluice gates [on refugee arrivals] to put pressure on the EU for extra concessions”.

Oh, and it’s not just money.  

Arguably even more menacing is the Islamist’s insistence on visa-free entry for Turks, a clear strategy to maximise the enemy alien population within Europe!




A brand-new assault on the Gates of Vienna, with the key difference today being that Merkel, Juncker, Mogherini…




…and of course, Erdogan’s Number One Fan, Cameron, are lining up to emulate Londonderry’s Lundy, traitors to a man, and woman. 

When will we hear some hero speak up for sanity?

Why won’t Europe fight back? There’s no shortage of options.

Suspension from NATO. Warships sealing the Turks’ Aegean Coast. Deportation of Turks already resident in Europe. And/Or…

Moves to recognise an independent Kurdish state; that would open up a fire-storm across Erdogan’s southern provinces.  Is that going too far?

Hardly! It’s no more compicated than, and more likely to succeed than, Obama’s ineffectual effort to organise so-called ‘Syrian freedom fighters’ against Assad! 


Kurdish girls, armed, and dangerous to Islamists!


Most of us now have a high opinion of those Kurds, men and women, who resist the forces of evil in their region.

There are other steps too, as readers may wish to suggest.

But the issue of principle is –

No surrender, not to invasion, nor to intimidation, nor to the threat of internal subversion  – which we posted on not so long ago.

Erdogan’s 5th Column Roars Islamist Slogans In Europe’s Heart! 

War down the proud, was the watch-word of Ancient Rome.

History still holds lessons worth remembering..