EuroNews’ ‘Fear of The Unknown’ – Self-Deception or Subversion?


..recent opinion polls show 2/3 of Poles don’t want refugees or immigrants.

As to ‘refugees,’ the constant deceitful propaganda from the likes of EuroNews, and don’t forget the BBC, their live and recorded filmage of hordes of burly alien brutes, described ludicrously as ‘refugees…’

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  • …even while they were stoning police and border guards – that would account for any nation’s reluctance to accept them. ‘Migrants,’ of course, are in fact illegals, unless they have proper documentary proof that they’ve applied to migrate.

Okay, let’s go to that EuroNews report, much of which was interesting, until they interviewed an exquisitely fetching young woman. 


  • miriam


 extract from the  transcript  Miriam Shaded is half Polish, half Syrian. She runs the Estera Foundation, which has brought 55 Syrian Christian families to Poland….

Good for Miriam!

Her Estera Foundation has obviously focused on those whose very lives depend on getting as far as possible from jihadist evil.

“Each family was adopted by society, by churches, by people of good will, so they helped them find jobs and integrate.

So a lot of Poles DO want to help REAL refugees. I’d say 2/3 at a guess, knowing Poles and how warm-hearted they tend to be.

Now let Miriam continue.

“But nobody wants to help people who just come here and could even be a threat to Polish people, like Islamists, because when you know that Islamist extremists are trying to force their religion on Christians over there, you can assume they will also do it in Europe.”

Absolutely. And hardly rocket-science, though pinko journos can’t quite get it.  Miriam’s astute comments mirror reality as we have seen it unfolding recently.


Sectarian savages on the Med murdering fellow-passengers on ‘migrant’ boats for the crime of Christianity; morons in Germany rioting over how their precious book was handled; sex-obsessed Syrians’ depravity so glaring that Bavarian school-girls have been ordered not to wear normal clothes for fear such apparel might provoke the sickos to indecent assault, or worse.


Predators and Child Molestors


  • These shocking episodes are well-known. They are just a few of many similar disgraceful incidents.  There’s no excuse, no likelihood, that EuroNews hack journos are unaware, despite disreputable politically-motivated police efforts to hide the truth. 
  • police are refusing to go public about crimes involving refugees and migrants because they do not want to give legitimacy to critics of mass migration.

Most European media are fully aware of the sort of swine being imported, albeit some dishonest and hypocritical media, like “Aktenzeichen XY,” do their evil best to cover up ‘refugee’ crimes.


   UKIP – Make Malignant ‘Migrants’ THE Oldham Issue! 


So what then must we make of this, the EuroNews hackette’s retort as soon as Miriam finished uttering those words above, stating her perfectly logical concerns about a clear and present danger.

With this type of fear of the unknown, there is little doubt that Europe’s refugee debate is far from over.


  • hogwashmeterred
  • The boat murders? Unknown?
  • The ‘book-blasphemy’ thuggery? Unknown? 
  • The sex-predators? Unknown?
  • The media/cop cover-ups? Unknown? 



Get real, EuroNews!

There’s no ‘fear of the unknown’ at work here, but rational consternation at the realities rearing up all over Europe as a direct result of Mama Stasi Merkel’s open-door invitation to undesirables…


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…and her subsequent outrageous insistence that every other nation must share the hell she has created for her own German people.