Yee-Haw! A Rebel Yell for Decency in Houston!

Congratulations to the campaigners in Houston and to the majority of citizens there whom they inspired to vote down the ‘gay’ mayor’s pet project, a nauseating ‘ordinance’ which would have allowed ‘transgender’ male freakos to invade women’s restrooms.
By more than 60%, the people slapped down Democrat Mayor Annise Parker, who only a month or so ago was right here in Jakarta, an honoured guest of our fine Governor Ahok.
 Lesbian Parker
I don’t know if Ahok was even aware of her hatred for democracy – she and her clique did all they could to thwart the ballot being held – but I can say that if such a decadent scheme were ever put forward in any Indonesian city, it would be laughed off the table with no need for any kind of vote.
The militant lesbian mayor at once resorted to insult and abuse, accusing the largely Christian campaigners of “fear mongering” – as if parents should not be alarmed at the prospect of perverts hovering around their daughters in public toilets.
Campaign for Houston supporters check election results …
Full marks, however, to Texas Governor Greg Abbott who says the gaystapo defeat shows ‘ values still matter.
And to his Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick, who denounced the so-called Equal Rights Ordinance as “liberal nonsense..defying common sense and common decency.”
The defeat of the degenerate cause is all the more to be savoured because of the backing the freakos got from  the White House, high-tech giant Apple and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Just one win, but a sign of hope that the gaystapo juggernaut can yet be turned back and civilised standards restored everywhere in the USA.