Lord Snooty Journo Wants To Welcome ISIS Rape-Gang!


Wannabe Quisling Teodor Stig-Matz


Our sincere thanks to the little leftist creep of androgynous appearance in the photo above, for his/her/its revelatory quisling cr#p reported this week – though God help him if some sort-sighted adherent of the jihadist rape-gangs bumps into him on a dark night!



‘C’mere a minute, Stiggy-Baby!”


He’d be well-advised to purchase a pair of tin underpants.


-Teodor Stig-Matz wrote on Nyheter24 that he would “honestly fill the land with IS soldiers” if it meant the sort of people who vote for the Sweden Democrats (SD) disappeared…


These pinko scumbags are not unique to Sweden. And it’s interesting to note that the snobbery of spoilt-brat lefties is a worldwide phenomenon too.

  • dignif
  • Patriots in Australia are often put down by pro-crimmigrant snobs as ‘bogans,’ simply because they don’t spring from comfortably-off backgrounds or talk posh.

Now we learn that Sweden’s Enemy Within is equally permeated with the same kind of effete elitist arrogance.

  • enemy-within
  • The stuck-up little git is quick to list a number of items from Swedish working class culture that he despises, adding that the sorts of people who vote for the Sweden Democrats “talk with disgusting dialects”.

“I think you dirty our country,” he says, adding: “Your version of Swedish culture is just as meaningless as an IKEA bookcase, and equally as greasy as the béarnaise sauce you drown your food in.”

It would be easy for any of us who have ‘dirtied’ our hands (as opposed to our countries!) with hard work in numerous jobs, or who grew up in grimy industrial cities, to hit back in kind, spitting a gob of bearnaise sauce ( never knowingly tried it, but must search the supermarket!) at his simpering little fizzog, but….

Aaah, why the hell not?

Stig the Prig is almost a caricature of the mincing, muesli-munching degenerates who ALWAYS end up on the side of ————–‘s foes.

(insert Sweden’s, Australia’s, Britain’s etc. as appropriate)

PS. Apparently 95% 0f respondees on his own magazine’s website disagreed with his tripe, which he cravenly now claims was ‘irony.’