UK Political Analysis – Cold Baked Beans V Naked Romps!

Too much in the news makes one want to spit teeth these days, precious few nuggets of glad tidings to alleviate the depressing dross we have to read about the crimmigrant invasion of Europe.


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  • So a brief but welcome quiver of delighted laughter, as we learn from the Daily Mail of Sinn Fein fellow-traveller Jeremy Corbyn’s alleged ‘naked romping’  – and with guess who?
  • Who else but that notorious racist red  Dirty Di’s Sorry Racist Record – Update!   Diane Abbott – the steamy affair evidently included a cycling tour of the Kremlin’s nastiest satellite!
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Sultry feminist temptress Abbott (!) seems to be uncharacteristically diffident on the subject of the joys of Jeremy – She described her ‘finest half-hour’ as being when she romped with a naked man in a Cotswold field. She described him as a ‘long-time friend and very close’ ally. 

Though she was too coy to reveal this al fresco lothario’s identity, she admitted they went on a romantic trip across ‘Soviet East Germany on a motorbike’.

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  • – did they meet up with Mama Stasi Merkel in her Red Youth uniform?

Alas, these entwined hearts became disentangled due to the new Labour leader’s distaste for fancy food, summed up by his ex-wife –  ‘he would just grab a can of beans and eat it straight from the can.’

Not quite the balanced diet to ensure everlasting Leninist love?


Hasil gambar untuk cold baked beans  Hot nights trumped by cold beans?


So poor Jeremy got the boot from Bootiful Diane because ‘he wasn’t one for wining and dining?’ Revelations like this could almost make me begin to empathise with him.

Relax – I said ALMOST!


Funny how so many rich reds and limousine liberals turn out to be culinary snobs.

People from less-moneyed backgrounds tend to eat whatever’s put in front of them.

Except of course the swarm of savages currently colonising Europe. 

Refugees protest against ‘monotonous’ Italian food – The Local

I’ve never understood food fuss-pots – cheap and cheerful makes prefect sense.

Heck, once my visitor today departs, I’m off to the warteg for PROPER food!


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