Hey, UK! Ingrate ‘Refugee’ Savages Just Burned Your Money!

Several tents at the RAF base in Dhekelia, near Larnaka were set alight amid disturbances 

‘Refugee’ arson at an RAF base in Cyprus –


Bad enough that the British Government did not give the order to open fire on the riotous ‘refugees.’

Worse that the RAF were not authorised to turn these swine back when they appeared off that Cyprus base in the first place. 

Now the ingrate scum having run amok, arson and mayhem, they add insult to injury by complaining that a key UK military installation, not far from the Mid-East war-zone, has a secure fence with locked gates!


Listen to this uppity Arab, his arrogant snout dug deep in the British public purse. The dirty dog’s name is Ibrahim Marouf .

: ‘The gate of the camp is always closed, there are fences all around the camp…”




Well, dreadfully sorry, old chap! We’ll just leave the gates wide-open!

Maybe put up a big sign outside, something like – ‘Welcome, ISIS!”

A better idea would be to fly him back to Palestine, where he comes from.




Millions of pounds sterling ( and US dollars) are lavished, via the UN, on that PLO-run cess-pool, so let them take care of their own.