Minnesota Morons – Expel These Academic Ignoramuses!

We have covered moronism in academia in various countries. Here’s this week’s example.


…anti-Israel extremists stormed into a lecture at the University of Minnesota in a disgusting display of academic bigotry against Israelis. 
Israeli scholar Moshe Halbertal, a professor at both New York University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, was scheduled to give a presentation on the ethics of war. He helped write the Israel Defense Forces’ code of ethics and is a well-respected academic.
Protesters systematically stood up one by one and repeatedly yelled anti-Israel slogans for over half an hour. When someone was removed from the hall by university police, another started chanting, making it impossible for Halbertal’s talk to proceed. The police were eventually forced to lock the doors to prevent more protests.
Protesters even called for the annihilation of Israel — chanting “from sea to sea, Palestine will be free” — a reference to the creation of a Palestinian state across all of Israel and the murder or expulsion of over six million Jews.
The University of Minnesota cannot allow such hate-filled demonstrations to take place on its campus.
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