‘Pigs and Apes?’ Jihadist Jew-Haters Get Overdue Ultimatum!

That’s the same imbecilic racist line pushed by the fanatic Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi, now happily the EX-President of Egypt. It’s high time that the UK kicked Horror Haddad out.
Naturally the Islamists in Copenhagen are denying everything.
Hasil gambar untuk haitham al haddad Horror Haddad, with adoring asses
  You can check out these other links and decide for yourselves  –Radio Netherlands Worldwide has previously confirmed that al-Haddad said that Jews “are the enemies of God and the descendants of apes and pigs” in a 2001 sermon and a YouTube video appears to show al-Haddad justifying domestic violence as a private issue.
Other signs of mental illness among these nasty nutjobs are also mentioned in The Local report, e.g. a wacko called Kamran Shah, a frequent presence at the society’s mosque in Copenhagen’s Nordvest district.  
 Kill-Joy Kamran
In a video posted to YouTube, Shah tells listeners that they face punishment from God for listening to music and watching the Danish version of X-Factor, the popular amateur singing programme.
Clearly civilised countries have no use for garbage like this.
No wonder public outrage  is spreading.  
Conservative MP Naser Khader has said that the group should lose its official state approval as a faith society.
Naser_Khader-2011-09-09 Naser Khader
“I believe that if the approved faith societies do things that collide with democracy and integration, it should have some consequences. I will investigate the possibility that the consequence could be that we pull their approval.”    
Given his name, Mr. Khader seems to represent the sort of non-Danish origin citizenry that actually makes a positive contribution to society.  
Like Tarek Fateh, that excellent Muslim in Canada!
The other sort should be booted out to cess-pool societies they’d be more at ease with.