Plague-Dog Parasites? The Pole Told The Truth!

Hey-ho, another Monday evening, just scoffed a plateful of pork and potatoes, gotta get ready to watch this week’s episode of The Walking Dead.


  • walkingdrick Rick knows how to handle malign migrants
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  • Remember the shrilling about ‘fear and xenophobia’ that gushed out of the pinko media when Poland’s Kaczyinskyi warned his people fellow-citizens that Brussels was putting Poles at risk of “diseases” brought by Syrian refugees under an EU relocation programme?


  •  Kaczynski

The UK left-lib hacks echoed EU Observer’s shrilling, as if the Pole’s perfectly sensible observation, that “migrants carry very dangerous diseases, was some kind of ‘hate-speech.   Fear and xenophobia poison Polish polls

You’d have thought the Guardian was on the verge of a heart-attack!


  • Rabid-Dog-for-OS Sadly, real migrant curs aren’t caged!


Well, now we know, and the curs are a lot worse than Mr. K said.

It’s not just medical conditions, physical illnesses, but the warped, rapacious mentality evinced by these so-called ‘refugees.’ 

The ungrateful parasites’ behaviour is downright sickening.

If you missed it, here’s the story, from a Germany fast awakening to Mama Stasi Merkel’s malevolent design- -.  Doctor claims refugees have pushed German hospitals to breaking point | Daily Express

My point being, never trust the left-lib media!

The West is under attack – those media swine are enemy agents.