BBC Can’t Even Report Croat Election Without Bias

Croatia held its parliamentary election on Sunday.
The party which has emerged with most seats has a leader who talks sense on the crimmigrant issue.
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Mr Karamarko has suggested using troops and fences to reduce the number of arrivals.
His rival, the weak-kneed Zoran Milanovic, who headed the government which allowed hordes of parasites to swarm like locusts across the small Balkan republic, leads a party currently called the Social Democrats – who were previously known as the Communists.
But the BBC doesn’t get into that.
What it does get into is flagrant bias, providing us with gratuitous ‘information,’ with no proof or evidence or justification, that Milanovic’s 
(SDP) won approval for their compassionate handling of the refugee crisis.
Not on this blog they didn’t.
Nor, given the election results, was there majority approval among the Croatian electorate.
So from whom did their crimmigrant-facilitation win approval?
Clearly the BBC