Little Mermaid To Stupid Swedes – You Made Your Bed, So Lie In It!

How many people have yet to realise it’s two guilty governments that are intensifying the crimmigrant crisis in Europe? The crimmigrants could tell anyone who hasn’t grasped it!’
‘Germany,’ they chant, with ‘Sweden’ a close echo, as they trot/strut northwards, heedless of the sovereign borders of every country they every trespass against.
 Mama Stasi Merkel opened her arms wide.
Then, when hordes of parasites poured in, Die Fuhrerin hurriedly re-enacted Hitler’s bullying of smaller neighbours by demanding the Czechs, Poles, Slovaks, etc. take in unwanted aliens to ease the strain.
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Sweden too has deliberately encouraged the plague with absurd appeasement policies towards savages seeking a place to exploit.
But now that ordinary Swedish folk are growing restive about the colonisation of their country and the rapine inflicted on their women, the country’s migration minister on Thursday said that asylum seekers might want to consider “go[ing] back to Germany or Denmark.”
Morgan Johansson
That cheeky git got immediate feedback from the Danes, who – endowed with some sense of responsibility towards their own people, have actively tried to keep the number of refugees down, in contrast to Sweden’s open-arm policy.
That splendid Integration Minister Inger Støjberg has a gift for telling it like it is.
“Sweden put itself in the situation it is in by carrying out extremely gentle immigration policies in every way. It’s not a solution to start guiding refugees to other countries. ”
“One can hope that the Swedes are beginning to take a more realistic approach to the situation….”
Bravo, Inger!
And congrats too to her ministerial colleague Kristian Jensen, who had fired off a worthwhile chunk of advice to Stockholm previously
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“We know that there are some countries that are looking to Denmark and we know that Sweden has also looked to Denmark to find inspiration. That is probably the best help we can give them,” Jensen said.
Alas, you can lead a horse to water…the cultural marxists who are driving Sweden down won’t soon stop, nor even recognise the evil they’ve done and continue to do.
An abominable woman named Margot Wallström spluttered an arrogant outburst from her ministerial ivory tower in Stockholm.
Blithely careless of the hundreds of other Swedish women raped by imported scum, she had the nerve to assert that she and her ilk had “nothing to be ashamed of!”
Because people like that, like her colleagues in the Swedish Government, like Merkel, Mogherini, like Juncker…they know no shame..