Biting The Hand – It’s What Happens When You Welcome Savages!

Just as we knew would happen, importing enemy aliens has resulted in horror. Paris Attacks: Syrian Migrant Was Among the Bombers

But while everyone in Europe prepares to observe tomorrow’s minute’s silence, including, no doubt, Merkel and Mogherini, two primary architects of the policies which created the need for the sad moment of reflection, let’s note that the Paris nightmare has not impinged at all on the imbecile class.

  • Mama Stasi’s right-hand man (left-hand man might be better) De Maziere is in full denial mode. I just watched DW English (the German channel and heard he’s instructing us mere commn folk not to link the crimmigrant crisis with terrorism.

Yeah, right  – never mind that ‘They Don’t Respect Our Law’: German Police Union Chief or that   1 in 3 ‘Syrian’ refugees have fake IDs, German authorities

On a lower level – lower than a snake’s belly, one might say, lawyer Christina Lee argues that Germany shouldn’t treat refugees harshly in the name of teaching them the country’s ‘values.’

Turns out this ingrate bint isn’t even German, but an American, resident in Berlin, and has a record of involvement with agitprop ‘rights’ outfits. 

But there are plenty of home-grown pinkos in every country spouting the same hogwash.

Meanwhile real Germans, and patriots everywhere, see the reality of what’s going on.

Like Bavaria’s state premier Horst Seehofer . He has warned that there was “reason to believe” that a 51-year-old man arrested last week with several weapons in southern Germany was linked to attackers who killed more than 128 people in Paris. 


  •  Seehofer

“There is reason to believe that this is possibly linked” to the attacks, Seehofer said.


Oddly, I hadn’t heard of this arrest until the Paris terror attack. Was it covered up by the authorities, or by the media, which has a shameful record of covering up crimmigrant lawlessness?

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Most European media are fully aware of the sort of swine being imported, albeit some dishonest and hypocritical media, like “Aktenzeichen XY,” do their evil best to cover up ‘refugee’ crimes.


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Hitler’s SPD Heirs – ‘Media Must Gag Critics of Crimmigration!’ 

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  • Seehofer explicitly linked the arrest to the refugee crisis, saying it “shows how important it is for us to have some clarity on who is in our country and who is travelling through our country.”

Bavarians were alerted months ago to the evil the primitives represent.  

German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! 

And they keep getting reminders, like the situation covered in another report this week, from The Local, viz.

Nightclub bans refugees for ‘harassing women’



  • devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm
  • Gimme a break!

Turns out a nightclub has stopped letting crimmigrants in, and a local version of lawyer Lee, with the very Bavarian name of Hamado Dipama ( of the Munich Refugee Council) got his pinko knickers in a  right old twist about the ban. ‘Racism!”

The club owners responded with a Facebook post.

“It was never an issue for us what religion, background or skin colour guests have. Everyone comes in as long as he respects a few basic, self-evident rules,“ the post explains. When refugees began to arrive in Bad Tölz early in 2015 the club had allowed them in just like any other customers, the post claims.

But young male asylum seekers began harassing women in the establishment, following them to the toilets or calling them “whores“ and offering them money for sex, according to the Facebook post.

And who is surprised, except (and I doubt it, truly) Hamado Dipama?


  • hands off
  • ————-
  • Most of the invading aliens hail from countries with so-called ‘morality’ codes that decree second-class status for women, head-shrouding, polygamy, FGM, death for adultery, inferior inheritance status.

Okay, we can’t force them to share recognisable standards of decency.

  • out with them
  • But we can ban them.

Not from nightclubs but from Europe.

It would be a nice bonus if their defenders, like Lawyer Lee and the Munich Refugee Council, went along with them, to campaign for human rights in countries governed by shariah.

Don’t know about Mr. Dipama, but I’m sure the jihadist rape-gangs would give a warm welcome to that Yankee bimbo in Berlin.