Encore, Marine! Ransack the Banlieue Rat-Nests!




Just after the minute of silence has taken place in France, I take the chance to post again on the outrage.




Good to see Marine Le Pen invited to the Elysee Palace to meet the President.

After Hollande’s socialist flunkeys deliberately wrecked what should have been a time of national solidarity by refusing to invite her to the grand rally of remembrance in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo outrage, it’s high time this great patriot lady was given the respect she deserves.

Good too, to hear Marine’s good sense, her call for anti-terrorist forces to launch house-to-house searches of the rat-nests, the banlieues, nasty suburbs infested by undesirable aliens with no shred of allegiance to the country they choose (nobody forces them) to live.

Many of them have the gall to call themselves citizens of France, including the first jihad-pig identified as part of the ISIS slaughter spree this past weekend – and for sure he was only the tip of an ice-berg of treason.


  • Banlieue burning
  • ———————
  • We saw them run amok a few years ago, and it’s long overdue that their disloyalty was recognised and their rebellious addiction to mayhem subdued.

Marine appears to be the only politician in the land with any serious intention of tackling this needful task.