Rowan’s Right – And Foul Fatima Should Be First To Hang!

Bravo, Christian Rowan, the Queensland MP who sparked controversy with a demand that Australia give serious thought to reintroduction of the death penalty for “certain or specified terrorist acts.”


 Dr Rowan


But it should not be left to MPs, in any country, to take that decision. Bet your boots that if Hollande would tell Brussels to butt out, the French wold restore Madame Guillotine overnight. If ever an issue required a vote of all the people, it’s capital punishment.

Damned few Australians could forego a cheer when the Bali Bomb Pigs were put to death, and Rowan’s common sense observation is all the more valid in the wake of the latest Islamist outrage in Paris. 

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I doubt that enough Oz politicians have the guts to take a similar stand, but something’s got to give and a plebiscite is the fairest way forward. 

The news that a filthy fanatic bint has been freely running round Sydney despite arraignment on a terrorism charge shows how mammoth a re-think is needed – things like Fatima Elomar would be a suitable candidate for the guillotine, or the gallows, but for her to be out on bail?


The biggest obstacle to such a democratic solution, of course, as always, would be the pinko shrills, who would make a lot of noise, as Rowan says, about how killing the scum would risk creating martyrs and prompt further radicalisation.

But those are just transparent excuses. The truth is that the left are viscerally hostile to proper punishments no matter what. They would campaign to save the skins of jihadist swine regardless of radicalisation and/or martyrdom risks – ‘life is sacred,’ they bleat – no matter how many innocent lives are taken, no matter that the tally of victims of Islamist terrorism continues to grow around the globe. 

Meanwhile, Miss Piggy, pictured in all her hideous sectarian glory, below...

Fatima Elomar has pleaded guilty in a Sydney court to one count of supporting foreign hostile acts.
Fatima Elomar – the face of evil, skulking behind a mask that should be banned

Apart from the fact that these cowls are an affront to decent people, there’s the consideration too that, if the authorities are so weak-kneed they let her out on bail, at least normal human beings in Australia should have the right to look out for this vile vixen.

She should be confronted wherever she goes, made to listen to what decent people think of her satanic ideology and her mangy mutt husband.



Happily, that rabid jihadist is now presumably turning on a BBQ spit in the bowels of Hell, not a virgin in sight – perhaps demonic chefs are slicing him up, providing tasty pig-meat treats for Lucifer’s non-halal legions…


…I typed that last night, just a nice bed-time thought after enjoying this week’s episode of The Walking Dead!

The cur deserves all he gets.  

And as for his squaw…

She was stopped at Sydney Airport on May 3, 2014, as she tried to board an international flight carrying cash, camouflage equipment and medical supplies.

She’s going to drop by court soon, for sentencing.

In the absence of execution as an option, we should hope for fifty years minimum. 


Dr Rowan stood by his speech on Monday, insisting Queensland and the rest of Australia needed to take “the strongest possible action … in relation to extremist criminal ideology”.

The former Australian Medical Association Queensland president made it clear that although he

He rejected civil libertarians’ assertions that the death penalty would risk

“If civil libertarians want to defend terrorist actions and actions that threaten free people around the world – these mass casualty events – let’s see what basis and justification they want to put forward for that,” he said.

Meanwhile, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said Commissioner Ian Stewart informed her on Monday morning that police were not aware of any threats in Queensland.

But she said police would be adding extra resources at the annual Schoolies celebrations on the Gold Coast.

“We do take any event of significance very seriously in this state, but just to re-emphasise – there is no known threat in Queensland,” she said.

Brisbane’s French community will hold a vigil in the city’s King George Square at 6pm on Monday, which will include a minute’s silence for the victims of the Paris attacks.