Who’s A Pretty Boy Then? As Sectarian Evil Surges, Turdo Surrenders

Two news  items from Canada have torn my attention away from stricken Paris today.

As France steps up the war against the terrorist rape-gang in ISIS-Land, Turdo Junior offers simpering sympathies but reassures the Islamist enemy that indeed, they’ll have no more to fear from the RCAF.


  • JustinTrudeau
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  • And on the home front, his ‘Justice’ Minister has announced that the appeal against the bag-head court ruling is also to be dropped.


Pandering to primitives, again.

It’s called pay-back, Turdo got the votes of the most bigoted sectarians, undoubtedly.

But let’s be fair – he’s not done all this just to reward his supporters, nor simply to appease those at war with the West.


  • castro-trudeau-neanderthal Pierre Turdo
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  • Like his evil father, he’s a cultural marxist, implacably on the other side.

Decent Canadians, Christian and Muslim…


  • justinjihadist
  • ————
  • …did not get the message across strongly enough.

Canada has allowed this monster to take power. I fear by the time he’s finished, he’ll have covered the country with shame.

But hell, he’s legalising pot, so everybody can just get stoned and forget about it.