‘Don’t Let Mere Massacre Stop You!’ UN Warns West Not To Curb Crimmigrants!!

An organised hypocrisy. As previously noted!

United Nations Day? Scrap That Organised Hypocrisy! 


That’s the United Nations, and how DARE their over-paid arrogant flunkeys WARN the West not to let a mere massacre slow down free-flow crimmigration.

Europe’s waking up after the Paris Pogrom, which had clear crimmigrant input. Yet we read that the 

Americans too have come to their senses: a majority of states have told Obama they won’t bow to his malignant ‘refugee’ importation schemes, yet today. as with Europe, we read that the United Nations Warns U.S. Not to Backtrack on Refugee Acceptance


The New World Order? They’ve had a whack at Australia too not that long ago. UN Scolds Oz ‘Explain Yourself!’ – So Tell Him! 

Talk about delusions of grandeur! Uppity creeps who forget from whence their ill-earned fat salaries derive.

Who picks up the lion’s share of the tab for this corrupt tower of babble?

America, and the other civilised countries menaced by ‘migrants.’

About time we pulled the plug