In A London Borough, Appeasement Monkeys Censor UKIP MEP!

A disturbing report from the London Borough of Croydon, where the mealy-mouthed management of a PUBLIC hall has shut down a debate to avoid offending Islamists.



UKIP MEP George Batten was due to take on a Liberal Democrat on the referendum issue, but suddenly he was told at short notice that the venue, Fairfield Hall, long booked for their clash, was no longer available.


Fuhrerin Merkel Sticks Nose into France, Jackboot into Greece


The collaborationist cowards had bottled out, it seems, because Batten spoke up strongly on the migrant menace last week.

An unidentified ‘spokeswoman’ tried to justify the shut-down with this drivel. –

“We took the decision to postpone Monday’s debate following the terrible events of the weekend and their impact on victims, families and the wider society in France, the UK and the rest of Europe. 




The management of the Fairfield Halls feels we must be sympathetic to the international situation and to these events. “There are some exceptional circumstances taking place at the moment and we must be aware of this…”

What a craven cow!

  • melissa-zombie Croydon spokeswoman?
  • What a load of mealy-mouthed, meaningless ROT!

She also lied in her teeth, claiming they’d discussed the censorship decision with the organiser – Batten has heard no such explanation.

OF COURSE the Labour Party, which controls Croydon Council, denies all responsibility for their pinko hirelings’ appeasement action.

But is it not unutterably sad that, while Parisians are making a point of going out and about in defiance of the Forces of Darkness, a pack of pinko pip-squeaks in England choose to crawl on their bellies to avoid giving a platform to a patriot who’s known for his assertive verbal onslaughts against undesirable aliens.



Sounds like the Croydon appeasement monkeys aim to silence him – but on past form, he’s not easily muzzled!