Pinko Brit Media Caught Spreading Smear On Le Pen!

But don’t expect much else from a newspaper committed to crimmigrants.




Marine Le Pen walks out of French radio interview after ‘being caught lying’ in wake of Paris attacks…


Marine_Le_Pen_481910683_0aa38c1c25_o_d Marine


So what awful whoppers was Marine ‘caught’ in?

Speaking in an appearance on France Inter radio, Ms Le Pen accused a government minister of saying it was necessary to “understand the young people who left for Syria” and said she should resign…


Christiane Taubira par Claude Truong-Ngoc juin 2013.jpg Taubira


..interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, and the justice minister, Christiane Taubira, were too soft and had allowed an Islamist to escape prison this week.


I’d have thought millions of French citizens share Marine’s view that not only Taubira but the entire political in-crowd are too soft… Most French citizens oppose softer rules on refugee status  …

Just as millions of Brits think Cameron’s weak-kneed stance on crimmigration is too soft (Cameron To Fight for Scumbags’ Right to Stay in UK! )and have not forgotten how HE lied with his cast-iron pledge on a referendum


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  • …………
  • ….and millions of Germans KNOW from increasingly painful experience that Mama Stasi Merkel is TOO SOFT after near enough a million unwanted aliens have been encouraged to swarm in to wallow in the welfare trough.


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And I just heard Mama on DW telling another HUGE lie, that there’s no connection between migrants and terrorism. The truth about that, of course, became evident when the French police discovered that Syrian passport! As if we weren’t already well aware of the what Brussels has been welcoming into Europe.Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard, police say –

As indeed are journos, although many media are up to their necks in cover-up….


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Hitler’s SPD Heirs – ‘Media Must Gag Critics of Crimmigration!’ 

EuroNews’ ‘Fear of The Unknown’ – Self-Deception or Subversion? 

But to the specifics of what Marine had to say?

She claimed Ms Taubira had said we must work to “understand young people who go to Syria”, and described this as “the role of a social worker, not a minister.”

Too true! Most people understand why the banlieue beasts are salivating at the prospect of sloping off to the Mid-East.Over 6000 Wannabe Rapists Swoop On Syria – Brussels Blames Boredom! 

But, according to the Independent, the journo-hack presenter on France Inter,  Patrick Cohen questioned Ms Le Pen’s “interpretation” of what the minister had said, and played back a recording where Ms Taubira could be heard actually saying it was “important to understand what makes young people leave”.

Spot the difference?

Pretty hard to spot ANY difference, because the meaning of what Taubira said is clear. It’s what Marine said Taubira said.

But the mediocracy would have us believe that this resulted in a tense atmosphere in the studio, and Le Pen could be heard becoming audibly agitated.

  • However, not having heard the broadcast, and my French not being near enough good to have caught the exchanges, I’m glad to read that some French folk did and felt strongly enough about the distortion to protest. .
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    • bobby
      My gosh. “understand the young people who left for Syria” ,versus, “important to understand what makes young people leave”. Semantics, not reiterated verbatim. Seems the enablers of this immigration are splitting hairs on wording now.
    • Alex_FR
    • She never walked away ! You should look at the interview … And the host never tried to move the conversation on, as he introduced the next subject, clearly marking the completion of the interview.
    • VOILA! 
  • And the escaping terrorist??
  • Here’s the hack version –
  • The broadcaster also questioned the original claim that a prisoner had escaped this week – suggesting Ms Le Pen may have got confused over an incident reported on Wednesday but which actually took place around a month ago.
  • Oh yeah? Back to bobby
  • Furthermore a prisoner DID escape this week. I think that the Independent should stop lying, instead of blaming others for. Please check your sources or get a new translator, that’s pathetic. 
  • More patriots jumped in quick to set the record straight. 
  • atrick G 
  • I see nothing wrong with Le Pen’s interpretation of the minister’s statement and surely, in view of the recent tragic event, it is time for the radio station to play the ball, instead of the player. 
  • And another commenter, nationality unknown, sums up splendidly.
  • So, in other words, Le Pen did not use a direct quote but captured the obvious gutless, lily-livered liberal meaning. That translates to a ‘lie’ in the eyes of this pathetic propaganda piece.
  • LIBERAL-MEDIA-e1315327567357-300x211enemy-within
  • It’s almost reassuring to know that the Anglo-Saxon media is not alone in its subversive smear tactics.
  • The Enemy Within is all over the Western world.
  • But it is reassuring that everywhere citizens who value not just fair reporting but the future of their countries are fighting back.