Turdo’s Election Dues Put Canucks At Just ‘A LITTLE Risk?’

Canada’s government will inevitably have to cut some corners on security screening to achieve its ambitious goal of bringing in 25,000 Syrian refugees by year-end, said current and former security sources.

We know that Americans, a majority of Americans, are horrified by Obama’s schemes to import thousands of aliens, but even there the process can take up to two years. 

In Canada, Justin Turdo’s grand design is to bring them in, in just SIX WEEKS!


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  • Naturally, Friday’s attacks have prompted calls for Trudeau to push back the Jan. 1 deadline to ensure all the refugees are properly screened.

But Trudeau has vowed to stick to the plan – why?

“Diversity is Canada’s strength.”

The man who objected to honour-killings etc being legislatively defined as ‘barbaric customs…’



The Zero-Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act’ – Canada Tells It Like it Is! 

…is bleating about Canadian values of pluralism and acceptance,” which will delight all the malignants in that jihadist mosque he infamously attended…Turdeau and Terrorism – Like Father, Like Son? …and all those primitives hiding their malice behind burkas as they prowl, unidentifiably, among the decent people of all religions whose acceptance they will not reciprocate by revealing what they look like.

BTW, I read yesterday that even Senegal, alert to terror risks, has banned head-shrouding!



Obscene Justin Turdo Grubs For Disloyal Sectarian Votes! 

Turdo got their votes, for sure, and now it’s pay-back time. 

The process currently envisaged could create vulnerabilities, said one recently retired Canadian intelligence official, since a refugee could already be in the country by the time any red flags are raised by the screening. “You can’t say that when you cut some corners and speed up the system that it’s completely risk-free.

And even one current Canadian intelligence official said there was “a clear risk” given the pace at which security screeners would have to work to interview, select and process such a high volume of applicants.

Turdo’s response appears to be that he ( via his spokesperson, Josee Sirois, of the Ministry of Public Safety) has already, in his narrow pro-Islamist mind, already knows what the checks are meant to find out…the vast majority of Syrian refugees “pose little or no risk to Canada.”  

Canada may have to cut corners to meet Syrian refugees target | Reuters


That’s quite an alarming assertion, not just because it’s based on ignorance, the people referred to not having been checked into Canada yet, but because of that neat little quartet of words.

little or no risk?’

No risk, if proven, would be just great – but a LITTLE risk?

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  • Only a few bombings?

Only a couple more soldiers murdered? Yes, Canada, Trust the Guardian – To Churn Out Defeatist Cr#P! 

FOR GOD’S SAKE! A little risk is a risk!

Turdo is not entitled to take that risk – it would be grand, if the risk were only to him and his appeasement clique. You pander to rabid dogs, you get bit sometimes.

But the risk is NOT to him but to the everyday people of Canada, going about their lawful business.


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Time was, when I was a wee lad, the guys and gals serving Queen and Country could walk around proudly, anywhere, anytime. We admired them.

Now shi#-loads of swine have been imported that hate them.

My poor old true north strong and free.

Hope more and more Canadians raise their voices like Brad Walls. In Canada, Warning of Danger Equals Incitement to Hate!