Hari Ikan Nasional – It’s National Fish Day! 21/22 November

Very appropriate, that downpour earlier, another taste of this year’s musim hujan, the horrible rainy season, because today is Hari Ikan Nasional..


  • ..it’s National Fish Day!
  • ———————–

Indonesians love to eat fish, and so do I – in my case if it’s served well-battered with loads of chips. Most locals, by way of contrast, prefer sea-food they’re used to, and being an archipelago, they’re spoilt for choice, crabs, lobsters, prawns and the finny sort, notably the popular gurame…




…and the one I DO like, baronang, I think it’s called.

But speaking of spoilt for choice, I do find the outlook of some foreigners here just incredible. This week I heard one guy tell the others at his table that there were ‘only three’ places he could find a lunch at the south end of Jalan Fatmawati.

I used to live not far from there and believe me, there are HUNDREDS of eateries, large and small, at which one can find edibles… nasi goreng, masakan padang, gado2, ketoprak, bakso…


  • warteg
  • —————–
  • Not to mention all the grand fare I get  at my local warteg…tempe, berkadel, cap cay, pare..and which can be had at eateries all over the city too.

Aaah, but they are frequented, and of course run, by Indonesians, and serve Indonesian food.

I pointed out to the whiner that there were more than ‘three places’ to eat in his location.

‘Oooh, it’s the water they use!  I got the runs once, really bad.’

Oh, where?


‘In Shanghai..’


Go figure! I don’t do metric distances, but reckon Shanghai is thousands of miles from Indonesia. 

Why do some people come to this country at all, if all they can do is belly-ache about everyday life?

Anak2 manja! Spoilt brats!