One In Eight Syrian ‘Refugees’ Are ISIS Rape-Gang Fans!

Just been reading a short but well-written article from National Review. All good stuff, but one thing leapt off the screen and held my attention.

Some ONE IN EIGHT of Syrian ‘refugees’ hold a ‘to some extent positive’ view of the Islamic State.   and that’s not including those who refused to answer!

  • Not much point in me quoting National Review to make uncommitted readers re-think their position on these kind of issues, since NR is a conservative organ.

So I went to their source, which turned out to be  a very reputable academic Arab site, here – – and lo, it’s true.

There’s even a tabulated representation of their findings. Here-



So this idea that taking ‘refugees’ out of the camps in neighbouring countries, like Lebanon, etc., is a big improvement on just bowing and scraping to the arrogant louts who’ve barged up through the Balkans…




…it’s not!

Now it may be that these ‘positive’ pro-rape gang ‘refugees’ like ISIS for reasons other than the ‘caliphate’ curs’ predilection for sex-crimes and beheadings of journos and POWs.


Jordanian POW burned alive

Indeed, the survey tells us that most of the ISIS fans cited a host of other reasons: either due to its military achievements; its preparedness to challenge the West; its opposition to Iran and the Syrian and Iraqi regimes; or its purported support for the Sunni Muslim community in the Levant.


None of these can be reassuring. Especially these – 

The dastardly ingrates admire ‘military achievements,’ like the conquest and enslavement of Yazidis?

The swine applaud the ‘challenge to the West,’ when it’s the West that is foremost in the struggle to liberate their lands from the rapists?

But the survey did show that 13% of respondents cited ‘adherence to Islamic principles’ as their reason for endorsement of the savages. Shariah sexism, in other words, shrouding of women, murder of apostates. a war on anything resembling fun…

Enjoy A Night Out? How Dare You, Say IslamoNazis! 

Who the hell wants that imported into the civilised world? 

We posted last week on the honest Syrian-American community leader in NYC What Next – ISIS To Be Given Guided Tour of The Oval Office?  who explained how easy it is for no-goods in Syria to get documents. And interrogation (especially by pro-crimmigrant UNHCR flunkeys) won’t wash – taqiyya rules, after all.

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  • So WHEN will the West’s elected leaders, Cameron, Hollande ( should I bother to name Mama Stasi Merkel?) get real?