Dutch Demand Probe Into Damage Done By Switch To Euro!



… we still cling to the Eurozone regardless of the costs. Based on the latest figures – which date back to the period before Greece’s most recent €85 billion bail-out – the total cost to the Netherlands of Eurozone membership (according to the Court of Auditors) is at least €137 billion – the 2015 budget puts the amount at €155 billion..http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/the-shocking-cost-of-hollands-eurozone-membership/

That’s an alarming extract from an article in Spiked.com, about a petition lodged with the Dutch Parliament by some patriots who want a fully comprehensive investigation into the damage done to Holland by its abandonment of their sound national currency.

That happened thirteen years ago, when, as usual with no referendum, the politicians imposed the Euro on their country.

The patriots this year got over 50,000 citizens to sign their petition for the probe. Unfortunately, the new law that allows similar petitioning to make the in-crowd put issues to a popular vote excludes treaties already ratified.


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Needless to say, the in-crowd made sure that no matter how people vote, the result is ‘non-binding.’  Euro-Elites Disdain Democracy – Three Cheers For The Red, White and Blue! 


‘non-binding’ referenda relegate citizens to supplicant status

Brussels’ Citizens’ Initiative Exposed As Beggars’ Opera! 

That’s the same with the pretend-democratic process introduced by the EUSSR, officially designated, with exquisite inaccuracy, as the European Citizens’ Initiative.

The people’s voice should be heeded by their servants. Another good reform for Geert Wilders to champion?