Ladies’ Nights ‘Unfair to Men!’ Seriously!

So much lunacy to contend with, and how to outdo the tale of the nutty redskin yesterday?
There’s a Swede millionaire who has banned bacon from all the many hotels he owns…
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…boycott, please!
I tend to think bacon ought to be compulsory for breakfast, at least.

Then I  stumbled on WHO’s latest bizarre BS – salami and ham were placed on the “bad food” list in a study by the World Health Organisation (WHO), published on Monday, as being causes of cancer..   Salami causes cancer’: WHO’s telling porkies?


UN food-fascism now?
Telling the world to lay off super-yummy delights?
For pity’s sakes. Is nothing sacred?

But all that hogwash PALED into insignificance in comparison to the imbecility of Austria’s ombudsman.



Well, OF COURSE THEY BLOODY DO! That’s why they’re called LADIES’ NIGHTS.

What’s particularly horrid is that it looks like this Alpine sticky-beak was prompted to cause trouble by MEN complaining about the fine phenomenon…. men saying they were never the ones to benefit from such offers financially.

Musta been poofters.

Normal men fully grasp that Ladies’ Nights are held for men’s benefit – the idea being that you attract hordes of chicks by offering cheap or gratis grog, thus providing guys with a vast reservoir of nubile prey.



Alas, Herr Schtiki-Beek can enforce his moronic conclusion because, regrettably, Austria has a damfool law called the Equal Treatment Act – which paves the way for men to sue a nightclub for damages if they believe they have been discriminated against.

 How pathetic!

Mind you, the feeble and fatuous efforts by the clubs and bars to fight back almost deserve the Orrible Ombudsman’s killjoy cr#p ruling.

Even ‘equal rights lawyer’ Ines Grabner-Drews saw through the appeasement drivel – ‘it is unlikely that companies in the entertainment and leisure sector are really concerned about equal pay” and that the real motivation behind Ladies’ Nights is to attract more women to nightclubs, which helps draw in more men.


It’s fun, and now it’s been stopped by grimnasties who hate fun. No more free drinks for gals, and guys no longer able to aspire to their paradisical nocturnal ideal..


…shooting fish in a barrel.