Timid Tim Hortons Grovels To Uptight Indian!

Never been to Newfoundland and never heard of Corner Brook, which is apparently a city in that fair province. It also has a branch of Tim Horton’s, evidently managed by a timid little toad.

NB- I omitted the apostrophe in my headline,but include it here as a (probably pointless) reminder of proper grammar, which Mr. Horton has sadly unlearned.



I say this because the manager allegedly crawled obseqiously when harassed by an uptight Indian named John Michelin, a man with an outsize chip on his shoulder who got into an inexplicable temper tantrum over a new Western themed promotion for a steak sandwich. .  https://ca.news.yahoo.com/tim-hortons-grilled-racist-steak-183000983.html

Michelin just about peed his pants with rage because the promo featured a series of cowboys pointing their guns at a group of Indians. 

He obviously doesn’t enjoy Westerns. Most grown-ups are very familiar with such scenes, from movies, tv and classic novels of the Old West, like Zane Gray’s. But Michelin must have had a sheltered upbringing.

From childhood, normal folks are familiar with this aspect of North American popular culture.  




This character is an ADULT so why was he was upset and furious about the display…

Go figure!

I see he is into trendy-speak – Michelin said it is important to change the conversation and language around First Nations people.


The conversation?

Conversation is something you have with friends in a bar, or try to have with damissus the next morning, or with whoever sits next to you on a train or plane journey. I think this hypersensitive brave actually means discussion or debate.


Tim hortons corner brook cowboys indians

What kind of infantile mind-set could go nuts about this harmless tableaux?


The language? 

What kind of incendiary racist language was used in the Tim Hortons tableaux? There is no language visible at all, except a glimpse of the word ‘Thirsty!’

Michelin’s arrogance is immense.  

“Right off the bat when I saw this, I said ‘I can’t stand for that,’ ” he said. 


  • ——————-
  • Who cares?

Everybody else can!

But the immensity of his arrogance is matched by the spinelessness of the Tim Horton manager –  he claims that the manager “profusely” apologised to him.


  • sorry  If so, that manager should be fired.
  • —————————————-

There is NO indication whatsoever that any other customer complained, or even commented on the display.

Why would they?

As noted, Cowboys and Indians are part and parcel of modern history. And of entertainment.


sexy red indian Yummy Indian, tastier by far than a Horton sandwich!


Our local hockey team used to be called the Stratford Indians, named, presumably, for their perceived bravery and determination.

We used to have Indians from the Brantford reservation join us on our annual Orange walks – they wore their traditional Indian garb and we, especially we kids, delighted in their presence.



Unlike Michelin, they came across as very pleasant, well-balanced fellows. Michelin, confronted with historical realities, appears totally to have lost it.

 “I want people to know that this is unacceptable…We’re not cowboys and Indians running around anymore.


magua Bad Indian Magua

Will Michelin demand Last of The Mohicans be banned?


History showed that that was a hard time for us, and we don’t want any reminders of that.”





Why should the likes of this sad whiner distort the story of how a great continent was transformed from a wilderness?

Meanwhile, still agitated by his wounded feelings (and knee?) Michelin Man wants the store’s manager to issue a public apology on social media.

Time to slap down this frothing fool.

Tim Hortons should replace the manager, restore the display and hand out questionnaires asking ALL customers if they like it.

That, surely, is the Canadian way.