Hot News! Ada Tanamur Lagi? Jakarta Bisa Normal Lagi?

No idea if it’s true or not, but heard a rumour tonight whilst out on the town.

Tanamur rising?


  • tanamur corner

    Tanamur corner – today a scene of derelictiton


I find it hard to credit, but in Jakarta anything is possible.

It was a BRILLIANT place…



… but I can’t see how it could re-emerge on its original site.

The proximity of that mosque – the mosque was erected later than Tanamur, but never discount the intolerance of Islamists – and the stench from the HQ of the IslamoNazi FPI thug gang, suggests it’s unlikely.

If it surfaces somewhere trendy and costly, like Kuningan, it won’t be the same. Tanamur was a place utterly without pretensions.

Let’s wait and see.

Given the abject surrender to the enemies of religious liberty under the present regime, GKI Yasmin sealed, the President unwilling to emerge from his Palace even to meet and talk to the persecuted Christians, given the failure of the government to confront the prohibitionist bigots, given the way this beautiful archipelago is being engulfed by creeping shariah…most of us have given up!


The restoration of Tanamur would signal an Indonesian return to normality!