Jakarta IslamoNazi – Paris ‘Reaped the Whirlwind!’

I was all set to go into town, but Jakarta’s rainy season had supervened, so time to browse the news.

There are few more loathesome people in Indonesia than Habib Rizieq, of the IslamoNazi FPI (“Islam Defenders’ Front”)




  • I was watching and waiting to learn what this otherwise lovely country’s lousy bigots would have to say on the subject.
  • Rizieq rarely disappoints.

Rizieq was quoted as saying on Monday (11/22/2015)-
“Who planted the seeds of hatred and hostility, will undoubtedly reap strife and dissension. Who planted the seeds of evil and injustice, will undoubtedly reap revenge and anger.


  • habib_rizieq_temui_hasyim_muzadi Hate-gang guru Rizieq
  • ……………………….
  • “Who planted the seed of cruelty and savagery, will undoubtedly harvest of war and bloodshed. That is why the Indonesian fairy said: “Who spread the wind will reap a storm”.



Is that an oblique allusion to the revelation that one of the Paris terrorists was a sleazy homo rent-boy?Fugitive Paris jihadist loved gay bars, drugs and PlayStation

Probably not.

But what are we to make of this malignant man’s outburst?

What might the IslamoNazi FPI be expected to reap for what they have sown?

Hatred and hostility?

Here’s his comrade, Sobri Lubis, on the peaceful Ahmadi minority.


  • alubis Sobri Lubis


‘Kill, kill, kill!’


Cruelty and savagery?

How come his cowardly cohorts in Sukorejo had to shelter in a mosque from outraged citizens?

fpi skulk in mosque Cowering IslamoNazis


Evil and injustice?

How about the sectarian scum in West Java, fanatic mobsters eager to burn an orphanage, and its young residents? 

FPI in West Java – ‘Let’s Burn Out the Orphans!’ 


Let’s pray for Paris, sure…


Hasil gambar untuk paris terror november


…but also for an apocalyptic tempest to sweep away evil Islamist enemies of civilisation, blow them all to Hell where they belong.