Sanity Rising in Oslo – But Court Gives Green Light To Islamist Hate!

Splendid news of a poll in Norway, where there’s been a massive turn-around in public opinion, away from Swedish-style moronism on the crimmigrant issue, shifting towards realism.
And the Norwegian Government is in tune with the electorate, approving plans to reduce asylum seekers’ social benefits, putting them on a par with levels in neighbouring Nordic countries to make Norway less attractive, and speed up the processing of some cases and the expulsion of rejected asylum seekers.
So far so good, but what about this other recent report?

Norway Islamist risks terror recruiting charge

Ubaydullah Hussain

Ubaydullah Hussain was convicted for threats against Johnsrud in February 2014…for this and some other criminal offenses, he was sentenced to 120 days in prison, of which 60 days was suspended. 

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Hussain, who as recently as Saturday afternoon condoned last weekend’s terrorist attacks on Paris, quickly claimed that PST had conducted a “witchhunt of me and other faithful muslims.” It earlier had been revealed in court that Hussain had ordered the cameraman Khan to hide or destroy what he’d filmed, fearing it would incriminate him.

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