Happy St. Andrew’s Day – Make the Most of It!






Here’s some celebratory pictures for all you Scots readers ( who are at this moment wrapped up in November-needful woolies, nae doot!)


  • male scots dancers


In view of that ghastly little Sturgeon woman’s commitment to multicult, make the most of these reminders of your way of life.

The SNP leadership seem relaxed about elevating alien ways to parity of esteem with real Scottish culture and history.

So pay heed to what’s happening elsewhere…

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  • An immigrant group based in Bern has called for the emblematic white cross to be removed from the Swiss national flag because as a Christian symbol it “no longer corresponds to today’s multicultural Switzerland.” Islamist Flag Demands Make Swiss – and Ross – Cross! 
  • If the Swiss are in the firing line,bet your boots that there are undesirables eager to see Scotland’s flag altered too, to avoid ‘offending’ uptight aliens.
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  • a whiskey-glass
  • Have a dram but keep your powder dry!